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Ways to become more independent

Being independent isn’t always easy. Some people grow up their entire lives dying to live on their own, while others are dreading the thought of it. It also even grows to be harder when you’re dependent on someone like your parents, a sibling, friends or even a boyfriend. The more time you spend with them, the harder it gets to be able to be by yourself. But there are ways to help you gradually increase your independence and, before you know it, you’ll be planning “me” time every day.

A simple way to beginning your journey to independency is just going on walks by yourself: especially in scenic parks. It is a great time to be able to enjoy nature and it can reduce stress and anxiety. It will help you be okay with going to somewhere by yourself and it’ll give you a chance to explore new places you didn’t even know existed.

Snag a bath bomb or two from Lush Cosmetics and take a bath with relaxing music. It is the most relaxing way to enjoy yourself and your alone time.

Grocery shop by yourself! I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is a great way for you to make small decisions by yourself. It will also give you a chance to pick out your own food to eat and will teach you to make the right decisions.

Watch movies by yourself. You could set aside a day for yourself to have a movie marathon. All those times you told yourself you didn’t have time to watch a movie, you can now plan for it.

Lastly, you can go work out! I know there are a ton of people in the world that hate the word “exercise,” myself included, but it really is an amazing way to gain independence. You might even fall in love with it after going a few times. It improves mental and physical health!

Becoming independent isn’t something that will just happen overnight. Even I’m still learning how to be okay with being alone a lot. But these few ways are a great start!

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