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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a Perfect Excuse for a Party

Every year, women across the world crowd around their televisions to watch beautiful models strut their stuff in some rather exquisite underwear and very high heels. 

The women of Kent State do the same thing. The only difference being that KSU offers girls a unique viewing experience thanks to the presence of Kent State PINK on campus. Kent State PINK hosts a fashion show viewing party in Downtown Kent every winter. Tuesday night, girls lined the street to get a seat at this exclusive party. Kent State PINK is an organization full of motivated women who work to bring the PINK brand to campus through marketing promotions and events. The fashion show provides the perfect opportunity for Kent State PINK to step out and get girls even more interested in Victoria’s Secret. 

Her Campus Kent State received a V.I.P. invitation to this dazzling party, and of course we accepted the honor! 

The night was full of food, raffles and of course…panties! Every guest received tickets upon entry to the restaurant, and girls shrieked all night as they were awarded body sprays and stuffed PINK dogs during trivia. The prize table was packed with goodies for the guests, and of course it fit right in with PINK’s fun and flirty aesthetic. 

Throughout the night, PINK rep Taylor Pierce bounced with energy as she called out raffle numbers and chatted with the party guests. Taylor is a senior public relations major at Kent State, and she found time to stop and answer some questions with Her Campus. Taylor is pictured below with fellow PINK rep, Samantha Arslanian.

Her Campus: Do you think that having a watch party changes the experience of the show?

Taylor Pierce: Yes! I think that coming together in a large setting with tons of women who are fans of the show increases the excitement and energy behind watching the show. I think it’s so fun to get all dressed up and come out to an event like the viewing party, and we really tried to create a fun atmosphere for those who came out.

HC: What did you think of the venue selection for this year’s show? And the issues VS had with Chinese officials?

TP: I think the venue was amazing! I love that every year the Victoria’s Secret show gets bigger and better by changing locations and adding different partnerships such as this year’s’ collaboration with Balmain. It’s unfortunate that some of the angels couldn’t obtain their visas to walk in the show, but I think the show was still flawless as always. There’s always next year for the angels that couldn’t walk this year.

HC: What are some of your favorite looks from the show?

TP: I personally loved seeing Alexina Graham on the runway, she’s the first redhead to walk in the show in a few years and she killed it in every one of her looks!

HC: Compared to the other events PINK reps put on during the year, how does this event stack up? Is this one of your biggest nights?

TP: This is easily our biggest event of the fall semester! A lot of prep work and planning goes into this show and we look forward to it every year. We’ve been planning since August for this party and spent a lot of time planning all the details such as the location, DJ, prizes and raffle games. Our other events are typically smaller and don’t involve as much planning and execution.

HC: Do you think this event works to connect the student body to VS and the fashion show?

TP: Yes, definitely. This event is an easy and free way for women to come out and watch the show together right in Kent. The event was open to everyone and we filled the restaurant in 20 minutes. I think that by everyone coming together it was a great way to enjoy the fashion show and to get more students acquainted with Kent State PINK.

HC: Any comments on the amazing performers?

TP: Um did you see Harry Styles???? I think he should perform at every single Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the rest of time honestly.

Didn’t make it downtown to Panini’s last night? No worries, there will be another viewing party next year! Be sure to get there early for the best seats. Now take some time to shop all the beautiful looks from this year’s show and creep all the gorgeous angels on Instagram. 

Follow Kent State PINK on social media! 

Twitter: @KentStatePINK

Instagram: @kentstatepink


Natalie Eusebio is a Public Relations major at Kent State University. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to musicals, and exploring Northeast Ohio When she is at home in Canfield, OH she likes to catch up with old friends and spend time snuggling her cats. On campus, you can find her in the Chi Omega house or studying at Starbucks. Her weaknesses include online shopping sprees and talking too fast. As a writer, Natalie hopes to both empower and entertain her audience. Natalie's future plans include advocating for those in need and finding employment with a PR firm somewhere out west.
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