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This spooky season is the perfect time to set free that witchiness you have been keeping locked up inside. Now I’m not suggesting that you hop on a broomstick and hope you magically begin to levitate, or telling you to sacrifice some frogs for your bubbling cauldron. But you should be learning how to harness all of that wonderful divine feminine energy you hold and become more and more desirable to those around you. Become the enchantress you have always dreamed of being!

There is no need for magical spells to unlock the powers you hold within. When it comes down to it, divine feminine energy is the energy one exudes as they become their most passionate, loving and balanced self. Simply becoming more in tune with your energy and monitoring your positive or negative reactions can help you be more aware of who or what brings you joy. Once you have an awareness of the aspects of life that benefit you most, you can better align with those people and things, soaking up all the delight they may bring you.

The concept of aligning oneself with only things that spark joy may seem uncomplicated in theory but can actually prove to be very difficult in practice. Clearing your space of negative energy can be painful, especially when that involves separating from people with whom you’ve created a strong attachment. Ultimately, though, it can relieve a burden that will let in space for even more joy. 

Practicing self-love and self-care can aid you in your journey to unlocking your divine feminine. For some, a bath bomb and a Netflix marathon may suffice. For others, self-care can look more like overcoming fears, journaling and challenging negative thought patterns that persist in one’s brain. No matter who you are, understand that we are all deserving of a little self-appreciation. By celebrating your own uniqueness, you can become more aligned with the best version of yourself—the one that holds the most positive energy. And as the saying goes, you attract the energy you put out, so focus on the good and surely it will come back to you.

The divine feminine is all about staying true to yourself and trusting your gut. You know yourself better than anyone else in this world, so listen to that little voice in your head helping to guide you. Being intuitive and feeling out situations while trusting your intuition will help you access your divine feminine. 

Take these steps and reap the benefits of the energy that you already hold inside. The more confidence and love you have for yourself, the more others will follow suit and treat you in the same way. Things you desire will fall into place if you open yourself up to the things you know you deserve. 

Happy season of the witch—now get to being your magical self!

Annie Gleydura

Kent State '24

I am Annie Gleydura. I’m a sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in both fashion media and creative writing. My passions include fashion, writing, art, and makeup.
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