Unconventional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Since high school, I dreaded the month of February. This was not because of the cold weather or the piling course work. I was always worried about planning my Valentine’s Days, whether I was single or in a relationship.

Let’s face it… there is a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day. When you are single, you feel like you need to either sit in your room and watch romantic dramas or drink endless bottles of wine with your fellow single ladies. When you are in a relationship, you feel like you need to shave your legs, put on an uncomfortable outfit and expect chocolates and roses from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Don’t get me wrong. Those plans are fun. However, sometimes I want to do something different on my Valentine’s Day. If any of you feel the same way, this post is for you.

Here are some unconventional Valentine’s Day ideas for those who are single and not ready to mingle and for those who want a unique date with their partner:

1. Go to an Escape Room

Escape rooms are not as creepy as they sound. Basically every escape room has a different theme and a different challenge. For example, there is one in Canton where the participants have to solve a murder mystery within an hour.

Overall, escape rooms are super fun and interactive. You can choose to go with your partner or friends. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time.

Here is a list of some escape rooms in the Canton area.


2. Exchange Atypical Valentine’s Gifts

No one ever said that gift giving is only reserved for Christmas. Valentine’s gift exchanges can be a wonderful way to show your friends and loved ones that you care about them. Although you should probably do a Valentine’s gift exchange among friends, you can also surprise your partner with a gift exchange as well.

If you really want to go outside the box this Valentine’s Day, try not to get the stereotypical bottle of wine or box of chocolates. Go outside the box. Get a vinyl record or a poster of their favorite movie. These types of gifts will pleasantly surprise your friends and/or partner.

3. Jump Around at a Trampoline Park Near You

After a break up, a lot of people say you have to bounce back into the game. This Valentine’s Day, you can focus just on the bouncing. Check out places like Sky Zone and Sky Max near you to have an exciting day of jumping with friends or loved ones. I can guarantee you an unusual (but great) Valentine’s Day.

4. Watch Thrillers with Friends

Are you not in the mood for the typical romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day? If you are not, you should get your friends together and watch scary movies instead. Nothing will get you out of a Valentine’s Day funk like movies about axe murderers and clowns.


5. Scavenger Hunt with a Partner

Did anyone see the episode where Leslie Knope creates a Scavenger Hunt for her boyfriend in Parks and Rec? Well, here is a tribute to our favorite government worker.

The great thing about scavenger hunts are that you can make them as whacky as you want, as romantic as you want, or as creative as you want. You can have clues at locations where you and your partner went on dates. You can focus on your date’s favorite spots and restaurants. This scavenger hunt can be completely unique to your relationship (or friendship).

6. Have a Themed Party

Nothing takes the pressure off of Valentine’s Day like a themed party. However, you don’t have to go for the typical “Valentine’s” or “anti-Valentine’s” parties. Make it different! For example, you could have a “Celebrity Couple” party, and all of your friends have to pair up and dress as a celebrity couple. You could have a party where people have to dress as their partners. There are plenty of ways you can make a party fun without Cupid and broken hearts plastered on the walls.


7. Write a Valentine to an Unexpected Person

I will be taking a serious tone for a minute. As the country becomes more divided, it is oftentimes hard to see the love and compassion in the world. This Valentine’s Day, we can change that.

Write a valentine letter, poem, or note to someone in the world who may really need it. You can send a valentine to someone serving our country who might not be able to see their loved ones. You can write a valentine to a mosque in America, particularly during this time of hate letters and persecution. There are a lot of people who need a little more love this Valentine’s Day, and we can show them some love.


I definitely hope these ideas can make your Valentine’s Day a little different and a little sweet!