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If you are anything like me, your mind definitely works something like this: Sad? *goes to Ulta* Angry? *goes to Ulta* Excited? *goes to Ulta* Already at Ulta? *plans out next trip to Ulta* 

Most people probably think we spend a ridiculous amount of money at this one single store, which may or not be true, but Ulta actually makes it worth the money. 

When you are ready to check out at Ulta, you will 100% be asked for your phone number to your rewards card (they assume you have one because why wouldn’t you?) or they immediately set you up with one. With the rewards card you get points for all of your purchases. When you accumulate enough points they begin to turn into actual money. Every 100 points you get 3 dollars off, every 250 points you get 8 dollars off, etc. The dollars from your points can be used on anything in the store and there aren’t any ~exclusions~. 

Once you are happily a part of the rewards program, you get showered with emails letting you know about new arrivals and the best deals the store offers. The emails usually include a 3.50 dollar off coupon or a 20 percent off coupon to use on the drugstore side of the store. So obviously your trips to Ulta have to become more frequent!

Now that you go to Ulta literally all the time, I bet you have reached platinum status. Platinum status is when you spend 400 dollars within one year. Platinum members get the BEST kind of perks. You can literally save up your points for as long as you want and they do not expire and you get extra birthday love! Personally, I am already platinum through 2017 and Ulta made my birthday more special than almost any person did! Ulta gives out a free gift for all their member’s birthdays, but the platinum members are really appreciated. This year I was sent a 10 dollar off coupon, a free urban decay eyeshadow (normally super expensive,) a free mini Too Faced Bronzer, a Laura Gellar baked blush and a 20 percent off coupon. 

I have never seen a company that has perks like these before. There’s no catch, no weird terms and conditions and who doesn’t love free things every so often? 

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