Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Today there are millions and millions of different blogs out there; we have the lame ones of course and the super cool ones we are jealous of.  Here is a list of some of my favorite bloggers and influencers that do a great job with always posting unique, fresh content while keeping it entertaining!

1. Devin Brugman and Natasha "Tash" Oakley - A Bikini A Day

Their blog started in 2012 when they met up and decided to travel to different places wearing different bikinis.  It immediately became very popular and was featured in several publications as well as gaining a multitude of followers and collaborations with well known brands. Their blog has led to the creation of their very own swimwear line called "Monday Swimwear" and now they are booming! This is my favorite blog to follow as these young, entrepreneurial models are inspiring and deliver the message of not having to live up to an impossible standard of beauty and that all women should have the right to feel beautiful in their own skin.

2. Danielle Bernstein - We Wore What 

WWW by New Yorker, Danielle Bernstein covers everything fashion, including interior design and menswear.  With more than 1.5MM followers currently, she created her style blog because she believes getting dressed every morning should be the easiest part of your day; starting with daily outfit inspiration and turning it aspirational!   She is also the founder of the exclusive collection, "Second Skin Overalls" (I'm obsessed!). Go check out WWW and catch Danielle in her trademark Saint Laurent aviators!

3. Rocky Barnes - Rocky Barnes Blog

She lives the "Gypset Lifestyle" (gypsy + jet set) as she likes to say, living the life of a carefree styled gypsy while working around the globe. Rocky Barnes, born and raised in Southern California, started her career off as a model and then further combining her love of fashion and travel to bring you 'Rocky Barnes Blog."  Discovering new beaches and cities that inspire her gypset style, she shares her work, travels and personal styles throughout her amazing blog.

4. Negin Mirsalehi

The absolutely amazing Negin Mirsalehi, currently living in the Netherlands, just won influencer of the year from the first Revolve awards.  With about 2MM followers she has became successful with her blog that features Negin360: a full detailed story behind every look from all locations she has been to.  She also is the creator of "Gisou," which is her line of bee based hair products.

5. Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad

Italian fashion businessperson and outrageously successful influencer Chiara Ferragni, launched her blog The Blonde Salad all the way back in 2009 before blogs became such a phenomenon. She is one of the world's most influential personalities in the international fashion world, recognized by BoF and Forbes.  She collaborates with major fashion houses and brands and is the creative director of her namesake shoe line entirely made in Italy, along with the rest of her collection.

As a passionate fashion lover myself, each of these bloggers and influencers inspire me everyday and I highly encourage anyone else who shares my passion and the love for the industry to follow and check each one of them out!