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Tips for Having Sex When You Have Endometriosis

One in 10 women will be affected by endometriosis in their lifetime, according to the Reproductive Science’s journal.

That’s one in 10 women that will experience a disease that consists of severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, pain in the lower back, pain in the pelvis, pain during sex (as well as before and after sex) and extreme fatigue. The toll that this takes on a woman’s mental and physical health is detrimental not just to her overall well-being, but her self-esteem and confidence as well.

Endometriosis is as long and scary of a word as it is painful and disheartening a disease. Below are some tips out there for women who have endometriosis to rely on when it comes to sex so that the experience can be more comfortable for you and your partner.

Be Mentally Prepared

Simply thinking about the possibility of having sex and embracing the fact that it’s not out of the cards for you is crucial. Don’t enable your anxiety but rather bring it down to reality and reassure yourself that you are with someone you know and trust.

Talk it Out

Telling your partner about your endometriosis is crucial to feeling open and close enough to a person to be able to have sex with them. They’ll understand and try to help you as they can.

Switch Positions

Sometimes finding a position that actually works without wanting to scream in pain can be difficult. Make sure to take it extra slow and tell your partner exactly how you feel when positions are changed to minimize pain.

Use Lube (Lots of It)

Lube may be one of the best things to use especially if you’re feeling dry. Some endometriosis treatments take away from the vagina’s natural lubrication, so using extra lube may help.

Embrace Alternatives

The key to this is that your relationship doesn’t necessarily need sex for it to feel sexy. You and your partner can do other things that bring you closer together, like kissing, massages or role-playing.

At the end of the day, you’ve come a long way. Love yourself for who you are and what you stand for, and you’ll go far. Never let anyone make you feel like less of a woman because of your endometriosis and know that you’re not alone.    

Linden Miller

Kent State '21

A current sophomore at Kent State University, Linden is a public relations major with minors in Spanish and early intervention. Linden is passionate about advocating for special needs students, training service dogs, and planning new trips abroad. In her free time, she can be found running at the local gym or taking her three dogs on a walk around downtown Cleveland.
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