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Three books every fashionista should be reading this summer

Many students take summer as the time to blow off and take a well-needed break from everything that involves learning. We should because we’ve worked so hard this semester, right? Wrong! When trying to succeed in the fashion industry, or any industry for that matter, you should be taking the summer to invest in yourself. There should be no time off, stay busy doing something constructive; whether that is going to conferences, getting a job/internship, taking new classes, or reading a book.

One of the simplest ways to stay busy is to read a good book, and there are plenty out there. We are extremely lucky to have access to hundreds of books written by fashion industry professional, so why not take the time to learn from them in the comforts of your own home? I even made it easier for you, by listing 3 books every fashion student should indulge in before summer is over.

 #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso 

 If you only find time to read one book on this list let this be the one. Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, writes of how she turned her hobby of selling vintage clothes on eBay into Nasty Gal, a fast-growing retailer. Amoruso gets personal as she tells the story of how she built her empire by trial and error, keeping her eye open for opportunity, being relentless and working her butt off. This is a great book for every young woman in the fashion industry, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or not. Ultimately, what you will take from this bestseller is that a girlboss gets what she wants, because she works for it. So, seek out this book and let girl boss Sophia Amoruso enlighten you on how to seek a career in the everchanging fashion industry and not lose motivation in attempt.

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone 

Love or hate Kelly Cutrone; you will love this book. Cutrone, the founder of the fashion public relations, branding and marketing firm, People’s Revolution, is unapologetically herself in this one-of-a-kind self-help book. If you remember her harsh demeanor on America’s Next Top Model, after reading this book you will be more understanding of her character. In this book, she told her life using entertaining stories, along with inspirational messages to achieve her goal of teaching solid lessons that will stick. While reading this book, you will learn quickly that in the fashion industry you must constantly work and strive to be innovative or someone else will come along and push you right out of your spot. But, don’t be scared, it happens to the best; it does not mean you’ll never recover. If you ask me, this book should be an essential for every fashion student, because of her brutal honesty.


 Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

As fashion students, we need to understand that we are not alone in this journey. Aliza Licht, also known as the voice behind the DKNYPRGIRL twitter feed, assures us that she was in our shoes before. Leave Your Mark, written by Aliza Licht, the Senior Vice President of Global Communications for Donna Karan International, is a book worth reading if you’re ready to embrace your potential and excel in your career. Licht is a knowledgeable, savvy industry professional that committed her time to be a mentor to each of her readers through this book. Essentially, this is the perfect book for any man or woman preparing for that grown up job in our amazing industry. But, she doesn’t just stop at mentoring us on how to break into the industry, she continues by giving insider tips on how to succeed when you make it there.


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