These ladies survived freshmen year!

We did it! We have reached the end of the year! Crazy, right? Are you feeling a little nostalgic? Or are you ready to pack up your room and head home? Either way, one has to admit that this school year flew by!

For freshman, it may be hard to believe that their first year of college is over. There is really no experience quite like that of freshman year. The homesickness, the confusion and of course….the fun! This first year can be a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences. I decided to catch up with some of my favorite ladies to hear their thoughts and feelings as finals week approaches.

 Emily Schultz, a freshman, journalism major, is preparing to pack up her room in Olson Hall and head back home to Pittsburgh, PA.

Her Campus: What surprised you the most about college life? 

Emily Schultz:  The amount of people that actually go here! Looking out the window on the first day of classes in August and seeing the entire esplanade covered in people was overwhelming to say the least.  

HC: Pick an emoji that describes your freshman year. 

Emily picked….


HC: What will you do differently as a sophomore? 

ES: I will for sure join more clubs to keep me busy and to build up my resume.

HC: How do you see college becoming harder or easier as you get older? 

ES: I see it getting harder as it goes on just because I know I’ll be doing more for the rest of my time here than I’ve done this first year, and the classes will get harder and more time consuming. But, I can also see it getting easier in the sense that I’ll be better at time management and will hopefully not let myself get stressed out as much.

Sounds like Emily has it all figured out! Best of luck to you next semester, and have a great summer!


Next up, we have freshman Abby Ferraro, a fashion merchandising major. Abby (pictured below in the white hat) is a sister of Chi Omega and lives in Johnson Hall! 

Her Campus: What surprised you the most about college life?

Abbey Ferraro: I think the thing that surprised me the most about college is that, for me personally, going to school out of state (Abby is from Pennsylvania) and farther away, was how long it took me to adjust. I thought it’d take me a week. It took me almost the whole first semester. Now that I’m adjusted things are a lot better!

HC: Pick an emoji that describes your freshman year.

Abby picked…

HC: What was the biggest struggle you had to overcome this year? 

AF: The biggest struggle I had to overcome was feeling like I made the wrong choice in terms of where I chose to go to school. I was stuck in a negative mindset and I was second-guessing all my choices. But, after I reflected I realized I did what was best for my future and that I am going to make the best out of the situation I am in!

HC: What are your summer plans? 

AF: Summer plans include working a ton to earn back all the money I spent this year….hahaha! Because I spent a lot. So I will be scooping ice cream all summer and playing with my dog.

Send us some ice cream, would ya?  We can’t wait to see how you style sophomore year. Oh and by the way, that dog is TOO CUTE!


Dana McKinney is finishing out the year strong by spending plenty of time in the studio working on her final project for her photo class! Dana is a freshman who majors in photo-illustration. Follow her work on Instagram: @dana_elizabeth_photography

Her Campus: What surprised you the most about college life?

Dana McKinney: What surprised me the most was how much freedom you really have. You get to make your own decisions and make your own schedule and you don’ really need a lot of parental permission anymore.

HC: Pick an emoji that describes your freshman year.

Dana picked…HC: What will you do differently as a sophomore?

DM: As a sophomore I’m going to try and stress less about tests and just try and be more confident in myself and my brain! Also, I am going to try and not be so busy, which means I won’t try and pack every little thing into my schedule….mama needs more free time!  

HC: How do you see college becoming harder or easier as you get older?

DM: I see college becoming easier as I get older because I will be more use to the schedule and the freedom and responsibilities associated with it. I don’t think it will get academically harder though as the years move on. 

We can’t wait to see your photography next semester, Dana! Enjoy your summer and good luck with finals!

Her Campus Kent State can’t wait to see what the next three years has in store for these lovely girls. Best of luck to Emily, Abby and Dana as they finish up their freshman year!