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Ten tailgating tips for a day of fun

With football season well under way, tailgating a great way to have a good time, but it’s also important to know how to stay safe in the process.

  1. Handle food properly.

Game day might be fun but the day after won’t be if you wind up with food poisoning. So keeping food properly stored and properly cooked is very important in preventing food-born illnesses. Keep refrigerator items covered in ice until ready to be used and then put them back in ice immediately when finished.

  1. Use disposable dishes

While it’s important to be environmentally friendly, in the case of tailgating using disposable dishes pose less risk of injury due to not being able to be broken. Just remember to clean up after yourself and recycle or throw them away in the right place.

  1. Designate a driver

This is one of the most important tasks to be done when alcohol is going to be involved. This should be done before the fun begins because letting an impaired person behind the wheel is only asking for trouble.

  1. Bring a first aid kit and fire extinguisher

Being prepared is cool, so there is no reason not to be! Even experienced tailgaters make mistakes and being able to handle mistakes if they happen is important. Even if it’s not you who has to use these items, another tailgater may find they need something and you can be the hero who saves the day.

  1. Stay with a group

Crowds can become large, dangerous and out of control; especially if alcohol is involved. Even if only going somewhere close, put your kindergarten habits to work and use the buddy system.

  1. Stay hydrated

Even in the fall the sun can still be shining bright and warm, causing you to get dehydrated. So drinking plenty of water is essential; especially if consuming alcohol.Besides the game will be no fun if you are tired and irritable from being dehydrated.

  1. Bring appropriate games

While corn hole and throwing a football while tailgating are game day traditions, avoiding bringing any games with the potential to hurt somebody.

  1. Dress for the weather

While looking cute is a must, it is still important to wear the appropriate clothes to keep you either warm or cool enough.

  1. Lock up valuables

Tailgating is a great way for others to get a hold of your unattended valuables. Designate the trunk of a car for everyone’s purses, wallets, keys, etc.

  1. Be Safe

As adults we all know how to be safe and know when something is not right. So if you feel something is wrong, try and put a stop to it. Tailgating is only fun if everyone is safe and making smart decisions.

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