Take your sneakers from the street, to office chic

I celebrate and appreciate all forms of dress. Part of what piqued my interest in fashion is how people dress differently. While “studying," aka people watching at my local coffee shop, I often come across people who make me rethink how to dress. Whether it be a unique way to style a scarf or a playful way to mix patterns, I am always inspired by everyday people. A suit paired with sneakers, the latest and greatest sartorial form of self-expression I witnessed, rocked my world! I am sure many people would argue you can’t wear sneakers and look put together, but that is simply not true! You just have to be smart about it. For example, it might not be smart to wear your raggedy gym shoes to the office. Legitimate gym sneakers and work ones should be two different categories in your wardrobe.  

Here is how to get away with sneakers the right way: wear a clean pair to the office! The safest option to start with? White sneakers! They scream refined and do not clash with anything. Adidas’ Stan Smith shoes are a great option for this look! They style well with a suit, shift dress, or jeans and a t-shirt. 

For my career fair at Kent State, I decided that I did not want to blend in among a sea of students. I paired my white Nikes with black pixie pants, a crisp white t-shirt and a red lip. I wanted to stand out but still look like I put effort forth to the employers present. My look was effortless and functional which helped me feel confident and less nervous while networking. If I had worn heels, I would have fidgeted the whole time and appeared noticeably uncomfortable to my peers. Looking self-conscious never works in anyone’s favor, which is why I think sneakers are fit for professionals. It is one less thing to worry about! Why be in pain if you don’t have to be? No pain, no gain is for the crazy. I think heels are fun (for 20 minutes), but I truly am a sneakers girl at heart.

Maybe you don’t want to wear white sneakers? Well, you don’t have to! Want to wear tennis shoes with a busy floral pattern? Do it! You can pull off almost anything with the right mindset. Just pair these flashy kicks with a neutral outfit so your shoes are not fighting for the spotlight. It’s good to be inconspicuous with flashy items. Let your shoes lead the way. 

Overall, the rule of thumb is to look clean-cut while rocking sneakers in a professional setting. Don’t limit yourself to just white if that is not your style; be you. Find shoes in a unique fabric or interesting color, just keep your outfits simple and tailored. If you do that, it will work out nicely! I hope you give this look some serious consideration. It will be easier to run down your dreams in sneakers! I promise you that.