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Support Female Black Founded Businesses All Year Round

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

With the increase of businesses in our world today, it can be hard for many to stay afloat. I think it is extremely important to recognize empowered women, but especially empowered black women, who have worked extremely hard to start their own founded businesses. They put in their love and support to better our world and openness to all.

Even though it is Black History Month, I strongly believe that these businesses should always be represented and supported any day of the entire year.

Their beautiful ideas have founded: non profits, new food products that are open to a wider group, makeup with a wider range of skin tones, clothing to represent women empowerment, greater diversity, self love and many more. I hope that you look further at more female black founded businesses and not just these eight that I have compiled for you today and I hope that you can show them your absolute love.

Lunch on me: nonprofit organization

Website: https://www.lunchonme.org/

Lunch On Me is a Los Angeles based nonprofit that is dedicated to ending starvation, but also provides LA’s homeless community with opportunities to enrich the mind, body and spirit.

LOM establishes nutritious and organic meals to skid row in LA six days a week, every week and now reaches over 10,000 people per month. They redistribute organic food that would otherwise be wasted in order to create delicious and quality meals. Not only this, their initiative goes beyond food by including healing gatherings, yoga classes and community parties for women.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Website: https://www.blackgirlsunscreen.com/

Founder Shontay Lundy has reminded everyone of the importance that black men and women need sunscreen too, especially due to diagnoses that black men and women have lower survival rates against skin cancer. Shontay has developed products to help by using fragrance free products and high water resistance.

Oma the Label

Website: https://omathelabel.com/

Oma the Label was founded by Neumi Anekhe, New York-based fashion stylist. She creates pieces for women that make them feel empowered and confident in their femininity by using intentional choices among her clothing and accessories.

In an effort to represent Women of Color, her brand is focused on challenging homogenous industry standards, while still creating quality and affordable pieces for the everyday woman, so that it is not a struggle to be obtained.

Uoma Beauty

Website: https://uomabeauty.com/

Founder Sharon Chuter is a Nigerian woman who has established her own makeup range by inspiration of her deep roots on her Afro heritage. Her makeup products are aesthetic and maximizes delivery to all by being suitable to all skin tones.

She calls to these beauty brands to donate to Black Lives Matter and to have diversity among their board members, so that there are representatives from every marginalized group. 


Website: https://www.pipsnacks.com/

Pipcorn was founded by brother and sister duo Jen and Jeff Martin. These corn products are made with simple, whole ingredients that are whole grain, gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. By doing so, it allows for a wider audience to try out their products if they have diet restrictions!

Not only this, but since the ingredients are so simple, the food will not gut stuck in your teeth or be extremely difficult to digest for the consumer.

Riot Swim

Website: https://www.riotswim.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAlp2fBhBPEiwA2Q10D2iVFCSBXsOZMCtiXW_G89SvUwAxEZNvCmJUrRCKdxR_Mptmpg6bxRoCg7gQAvD_BwE

Founded by Monti Landers, Riot Swim contains a variety of clothing pieces like swimsuits, lounge wear and athleisure that is soft fabric and comfortable for the wearer. All of the pieces contain minimalists styles and colors that are very versatile for any occasion.

Yoga with Jaimee

Website: https://www.jaimeeratliff.com/

Jaimee Ratliff is a certified yoga teacher who is a highly passionate advocate for using ancient disciplines to get through any life challenges. Jaimee believes that any one can do yoga and that it should be easily accessible for anyone who is interested! She wants to increase diversity involving yoga, so she does not only do classes or retreats in person, but also some classes and tutorials online.

Hell Notes for Beauty

Website: https://hellnotesforbeauty.com/

Jessica uses her metaphysical business for anyone who is interested in guided meditation, herbal or holistic wellness rituals and crystals. She also gives advice on health, skincare and lifestyle, making her a great outlet to look to for self growth and self care!

Remember, even the smallest amount of time or purchase can help these businesses thrive on a bigger scale. These hardworking women have inspired many and will continue to inspire many for years to come.

Ella Katona

Kent State '26

Ella is a sophomore at Kent State University. She is a Journalism major and a soon-to-be Environmental Studies and Creative Writing minor. Ella was born and raised in Pittsburgh and adores spending her time out in nature, reading, running and doing anything involving art.