The Summer Pieces You Can Keep Wearing This Fall, According to Instagram

It’s that time of year: seemingly overnight, the temperatures have dropped and your closet is ill-prepared. And to make matters worse, it’s freezing when you leave for class in the morning and hot as hell by the time you leave. But I have good news, it’s easier than ever to wear your favorite summer staples, even on the coldest of days. Now, let’s learn from the best - and by the best, I obviously mean Instagram's fashion it-girls.


  1. 1. Midi Skirts

    The skirts we loved last season don't have to be packed away this fall. Just wear your favorite midi with a chunky knit sweater and boots.

  2. 2. Tank Tops

    This layering trick is probably the easiest to try out, just layer your go-to tank over a turtleneck for warmth. Then add jewelry to your liking for some visual interest.

  3. 3. Denim Cutoffs

    Possibly the most challenging item on this list, denim cutoffs can work in the fall season. Style with a blazer and sneakers for the athleisure look of any Instagram girl's dreams. 

  4. 4. Floral Dresses

    Similar to the earlier tank-layering trick, try putting a long-sleeve under a floral mini. Tip: Try a dress in a fall-appropriate color like burgundy or black. 

  5. 5. White Sneakers

    Whether your go-to pair are Converse, Nike or Filas, they can go with any fall outfit formula. Just swap your summer shorts-and tube-top combo for jeans and a cardigan.

  6. 6. Graphic Tee

    To rock a graphic tee all year round, just add a turtleneck in a color that matches the graphic. For the colder days, layer a bomber or leather jacket on top. 

Thanks to our Instagram feeds, you've got all the inspiration you need. Grab your turtlenecks, jackets and favorite summer pieces and get to work! And don't forget to tag @hercampusstyle if you try any of these looks.