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Style Spotlight: Rachel Drenchko



Name: Rachel Drenchko

Year/Major: Freshman Fashion Merchandising major

Hometown: Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Style Inspiration: I get my inspiration everywhere from movies and Tumblr to celebrities and random people on the street.

What would you call your style: A mixture of boho, grunge, edgy and 90s.

Who is your style icon: I really don't have one, but I do admire some of Frances Bean Cobain, Jenny Humphrey from later seasons of Gossip Girl, Lana Del Rey, Rachel Zoe, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's style.

What is your favorite brand: With clothing, I really don't have one, but for shoes, I love Jeffery Campbell.

Favorite places to shop: Forever 21, H&M, thrift stores and random boutiques

Tell me about the pieces you are wearing: The outfit on the left is more of a typical, day-time look. The black high-waisted shorts are from a thrift store, the white crop top is from Pac Sun, and the plaid flannel was stolen from a friend. The black boots are Dr. Martens, and the gold chain, featured in both outfits, is from Target. The outfit on the right is one of my favorite outfits for a night out. The army-camouflague crop top is from Body Central, and the black skater-skirt is from Charlotte Russe. The black platform shoes with the gold toe are from Jeffery Campbell.

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