Spooky Podcasts for the Ultimate Spooky Season

I love podcasts. They are a great way to learn new information on a topic you have never heard of, to understand an important news story or simply to hear some cool people talk about anything. For the month of October, there are several podcasts that center around some chilling topics that are perfect for Halloween, such as urban legends, paranormal activity and compelling true crime stories. Happy listening!

  1. 1. Mile Higher Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube)

    Kendall Rae, best known for her YouTube channel, joined by her husband, Josh Thomas, host of the “Mile Higher Podcast.” The podcast expands upon her videos focused on true crime and conspiracy theories with an immense amount of research and respect given to the stories. I personally appreciate Rae’s approach to these subjects as she often raises money for important organizations like Thorn and uses her platform to tell the stories of missing persons sometimes from family members/friends of the victims. The podcast takes a lighter approach to these subjects, often having more fun talking about the more outrageous theories and cases. For the month of October, the podcast is dedicated to a spooky series covering stories such as the Salem Witch Trials and “World’s Most Haunted Objects.”

  2. 2. And That’s Why We Drink (Apple Podcasts, Spotify)

    “The world’s a scary place. And that’s why we drink!” This podcast is hosted by Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, along with their wine. With a new episode each Sunday, listen to the chilling paranormal and true crime stories with a comedic twist. "And That's Why We Drink" recent episodes include “Alligator Neck Looping and A Casual Last Minute Seance” and “Lemon’s Cousin and the Alien Frog Vendetta.”

  3. 3. Wild Thing (Apple Podcasts, Spotify)

    A podcast about Bigfoot. Host and journalist, Laura Krantz, spent a year in the woods researching the mysterious legend of the sasquatch. "Wild Thing" has a single season with episodes around a half hour each. Unlike other podcasts with people talking into a microphone, Krantz brings the audience into the world in a format more like an audiobook. Krantz, originally a skeptic, shares her findings mixed with interviews with other researchers and commentary on why we are fascinated with the idea of these creatures. It's a fun story to follow with an engaging plot and sound design to make listeners feel as though they are in the woods with Krantz.

  4. 4. My Favorite Murder (Apple Podcasts, Spotify)

    My Favorite Murder” is what I would call a classic true crime comedy podcast with how often I hear people praise it. Stand-up comedian/writer, Karen Kilgariff, and television host/writer, Georgia Hardstark, tell each other their favorite true crime stories each week, along with fans telling their own hometown stories. “My Favorite Murder” is currently touring around the world from their record-breaking downloads and enthusiastic “Murderino” fan-base.

  5. 5. Serial (Apple Podcasts)

    Hosted by Sarah Koenig, “Serial” tells a true crime story in narrative form over the course of each season. Now with three seasons, there is a lot of content to enjoy with this podcast. It is important to start this one with the first episode, just as you would do with a new series. The first season unfolds the story of Hae Min Lee who went missing after school one day in 1999, and how her ex-boyfriend was arrested for her murder. Like “Wild Thing,” this podcast's format is more like a novel, in which we follow Koenig as she investigates the case.

Happy Halloween and have fun listening!