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Everyone loves Christmas, no doubt about it, but sometimes this time of the year can be the most stressful. You have to worry about getting the perfect gift, whether it be for a significant other, best friend, or your mom. You have to plan and make the perfect dinner or the find the best desserts for Christmas, you also have think about your plans for New Year’s Eve, but I think the hardest part is figuring out what to wear.

Don’t you worry, not only am I going to help you figure out the best outfit for each occasion, I also have a makeup look for you too.  

Christmas with His Parents

This is by far one of the most stressful situations during the holidays. Especially if this will be your first time meeting his entire family. I say keep it simple and classy. You don’t want to over do it and have his family think you’re trying too hard. I suggest that you keep it clean with the makeup as well. Pair a solid, peplum-style dress with a red lip, a slight shimmer on the eyelids and a flush of blush. I suggest using some dainty jewelry to tie the whole look together. If you don’t want to wear a skirt or dress, try some wide leg pants with a plain shirt and statement earrings.



Christmas with Your Family (Formal)

Christmas with my family tends to be a have a bit more formal attire than when it’s Thanksgiving. My brother, dad and uncles wear ties and button up shirts, my aunts and grandma wear nice sweaters, and of course my cousin and I always go all out. When I think about getting ready for Christmas, I always want to wear something that associates with the holiday. Whether that be wearing the colors of the season, or wearing something with a pattern that reminds me of the holiday, I want to dress to impress. I suggest wearing a skirt and sweater combo or wearing an elegant lace dress. Midi skirts are super popular for the holiday season and create a fun flirty look! Business pants are super comfy, and make you look put together! For makeup, again, I go all out. A subtle glitter look would be gorgeous with a solid colored outfit. You can never go wrong with a golden eye and a smoked-out lash line, but make sure you have the red lip, it’s a Christmas staple!


Christmas with Your Family (Casual) or a Get Together with Friends

There is nothing wrong with having a low-key Christmas! A tht end of the day, I wish I was wearing leggings, not heels and a skirt. I have two outfit options for you that address this dilemma. If you want to look more presentable but also comfortable, I suggest wearing a pair of jeans or nice leggings paired with a red or green sweater (must be festive too!) with some statement jewelry and a nice pair of boots. If all you care about is comfort because at this point, I would wear your favorite ugly Christmas sweater and leggings. As far as makeup; you can just put on some concealer and mascara with a bold lip. 


New Years with Your Best Friends

If this isn’t one of the nights you’ve had multiple fantasies about throughout your life time thanks to watching High School Musical as a kid, then we can’t be friends. Just kidding, but this holiday is the dream for all my girls who love anything that sparkles. You can go two different ways with these outfits. One option is what I call “the Gatsby.” This means dresses with patterns similar to those seen in the 1920s, but without the length and fringe. You can also wear sequined tuxedo shorts with tights underneath paired with a plain tee shirt and blazer. For this makeup look, no matter what, you have to go all out. I want to see glitter all over the lid, this has to match the color of your dress or sequin piece, and then add winged liner and contour to perfection.


New years Eve with the Family

New Years screams glitter, glitter and more glitter. Although sometimes it’s not all about popping the top of champagne with your friends, your outfit can still incorporate glitz and glam for the holiday even if you are toasting sparkling juice with the fam. For this outfit you can substitute the sequin skirt or romper for pants. To pair with the pants you can wear a solid blouse and heels. For the makeup it doesn’t have to be as bold as when you go out with your friends. You can tame it down but still have the glitter, just do a neutral crease color and a skin tone shade for your lid. Top this makeup look off with a glitter wing eyeliner.

The holidays are stressful, but with these tips your look can be stress free!


 Shelby Rabideaux is currently attending Kent State University. She is majoring in Digital Media Production and will have a minor in Fashion Media. Her love for entertainment and film came from actively going to concerts. She currently is on a TV show called The Blurb that focuses on entertainment news that her school produces. She dreams to be able to inspire others like how she was inspired. Shelby is currently the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Kent State and the President where she strives to share her love for Her Camps with the Kent community. 
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