Six Female Musicians You Need to be Listening to Now

Tired of only listening to the same artist over and over again? Are your friends no longer giving you the aux chord because you play the same songs over and over again? Well look no further because I’ve compiled a list of six female artists you need to be listening to. From country to folk to pop to indie we cover all kinds of musicians.

1. Kacey Musgraves

You know how everyone has those albums that they think are so good they don’t skip a song on it? Golden Hour by Kacey is one of those albums. While she’s probably the most known performer on this list, I couldn’t just not acknowledge her. Her music tends to have a country pop feel to it, which leads to her music sounding so different and versatile. Also she just won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s so even the Grammy’s love her!

2. Maggie Rodgers

For a solid month all I listened to was Maggie Rodgers’ EP, Now That the Light if Fading. It’s just endless bops after bops. Her music is definitely more folk based, so if you like Mumford and Sons then you’ll love Maggie. I can only really explain her music as 'eccentric dancing in the woods with some rain and a banjo’ so if that interests you then Maggie is your girl!

3. Lennon Stella

Okay so she only has about eight songs out, but the songs she does have out are amazing. She definitely has an indie pop feel to her and just really makes you feel things. She currently has an EP out called Love Me, and she covers a bunch of songs on her Instagram, so you’re never without her amazing voice. Also if you think she looks familiar then you’re right, she started in the show Nashville!

4. The Aces 

We love and support girl groups in this house. The Aces is a group composed of four girls that has an alternative sound, like if you mix 80’s music with a guitar and some pop music then that’s their sound. Also of course when you mix a bunch of girls together in a group then you’re going to get some killer break up tracks and who doesn’t love a good break up song?

5. Hayley Kiyoko

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen Lemonade Mouth, right? Well Stella Yamada, who’s played by Hayley Kiyoko has turned into the LGBTQ+ icon we all deserve. Hayley has officially claimed this year as 20GAYTEEN, can I get a hell yeah? Her single Girls Like Girls is still iconic to this day and it came out four years ago. So if you want to listen to an album full of bops that just makes you want to dance then Hayley’s album Expectations is the album you need to be streaming now.

6. Lizzo

She took a DNA test and turns out she’s 100% that bitch. Lizzo is the definition of an icon. Have you ever been to a concert and you’re like ‘ugh you know what this song really needs? A flute with some iconic dancing?’ You know who could answer all of your wishes? Lizzo. With every song she puts out she makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and you’re the bad bitch you were born to be. She’s just constantly killing it with everything she does.

Check them out!