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6 Albums to Help You Create the Perfect Fall Playlist

Building playlists can be sort of overwhelming. Where to begin?

I mean there is something so satisfying about creating a playlist that just fits the right mood or season of the year. It can be easy to just lose the consistency of including different genres and expanding your music taste. Personally, I use Spotify Student, which is only $4.99 for Premium. Spotify helped me expand my taste in music by making me personalized playlists and blend/combine playlists with my friends!

It took me such a long time to gain a great balance of artists and genres in my playlist, but I am here to share my personal favorites!

Evermore by Taylor Swift

This album is perfect for fall!

There is a fair mix of both slow and fast-paced songs. Each one will leave you reflecting and you will catch yourself in your feels. In Swift’s second alternative or story album, there is a song for everyone.

Missing your hometown ex? Listen to “tis the damn season.”

Did your ex just recently reach out? Listen to “closure.”

Reflecting on the past? Listen to “dorothea” or “right where you left me.”

Not only is this album relatable but it is soothing.

the twilight saga: New Moon (orig. motion picture soundtrack)

This soundtrack is *muah* chef’s kisses. There is a perfect mix of, “I’m so emotional, I am never leaving my room,” and “let’s go on a 3 a.m. drive.”

Not to mention the pure nostalgia I get as a former Twihard.

Since it’s a movie soundtrack, there are multiple artists featured on this album, which makes it easy to discover new artists or bands to listen to! Featuring Bon Iver, The Killers, Muse and Death Cab for Cutie.

Songs for dads by the Walters

This is soft and dainty. It conveys emotion without giving it too much thought.

I have incorporated this album in my cafe playlists, shower playlist, chill drive playlist and I’m sure there are others. “I love you so” literally makes me want to fall in love.

Ctrl By SZA

I do not care what mood I am in, I can always listen to this album.

I can be in the happiest, most healthy relationship but sing “supermodel” like I am heartbroken.

Drew Barrymore” is one of the saddest songs on the album, yet puts me in the best moods.

20 something” I believe every college student can relate to.

R&B is essential to a playlist, but having R&B songs with such a distinctive sound as SZA can add the right feeling to your playlist.

Let go by Avril Lavigne

Besides this album being an iconic, punk rock throwback, it’s one of those albums that develops a new meaning as you get older.

Growing up it was the typical “nobody understands” feeling we all know we had. Listening to it now at twenty, I am captivated by that same nostalgic feeling, while actually being able to relate to her music.

Pure Heroine by Lorde

Lorde has been giving us memorable bops for years.

I always find myself going back to this album. It has the perfect mix of emotion, teen angst and interesting musical composition. These songs will add an upbeat and alternative sound to your playlist.

My personal favorites being “The Love Club” “400 Lux” and “Ribs“.

These albums are obviously subjective, but from personal experience these six albums allow me to create a well-balanced playlist, as well as expanding my taste in music.

Fall playlists are essential and are the perfect time to listen to something new! Happy listening!

Melina Cavella

Kent State '24

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