Shower Thoughts We've All Had

I feel like shower thoughts are such an underrated way of thinking. I know so many people that romanticize late-night conversations, and yes, those are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But you’re literally the most open in the shower. There’s no other people, no schedule, no sleep deprivation (normally) and honestly, no clothes. It’s just you and your thoughts, so let’s get started.

  1. 1. The Future is Out There!

    Laptop with white mug that says the future is female with a lipstick mark

    I have a lot of theories on my future and literally .001% of them have actually happened from what I thought while I was showering, but that’s not the point! What I’m getting at here is if you’re a *stressed* person like myself, daydreaming and thinking about your life in the most beautiful future form can be quite therapeutic. Even if they don’t come true, it’s truly so relaxing to think about your life and what you can become. Even if that’s not what happens, it puts you in a better mentality to strive for something of that nature.

  2. 2. The Stranger that isn’t There

    A skull and bones sits in a forest, grey scale

    This one’s a little dark, not gonna lie. I feel like it’s super common though because if you haven’t thought about getting killed while you’re in the shower at least once, have you really seen enough true crime shows? Maybe this is because I’ve seen too many! However, the likelihood of you getting murdered at all in your lifetime is .005%. You’re actually more likely to win the lottery, so if you’ve taken nothing else from this, just know, you probably won’t ever get murdered! I do have a theory behind this though, because I feel like the reason you think this is because first, 1 in 5 people fear they’re going to get murdered, but also because you’re at your most vulnerable while you’re showering. Again, I also just watch Criminal Minds like it’s Friends and weirdly too many people in those shows die really tragically in the bathroom. I mean, have you seen Psycho?

  3. 3. What if...?

    Hero image appropriate for article on Unhealthy Relatioships - image of a question mark

    This is where I come up with a lot of article ideas. But this is when the weird part of the brain comes alive and just goes for it! Like are we living in a simulation? Sure! Was the moon landing staged? Possibly! Does Area 51 really hold aliens? Is it good or bad if they do? Truly, this is normally where the murder thing always comes back up, because I stress myself out thinking about all this stuff. Honestly, why do I do this? I think we’re just too smart for our own good, everyone. I also feel like life would be really boring if no one thought about these things. Sometimes we can get some truly strange theories from this way of thinking, but isn’t it way more fun to just imagine? We used to think that the world was flat, so who’s to say other things aren’t possible. If no one thought about these things and everyone just thought of everything as nonsense, so many things would be different. Here’s to curiosity.

  4. 4. The Planner of Every Second

    Silver macbook by planner and flowers

    What did you do? Or maybe you can start planning for tomorrow? A lot of times, a shower is the only piece of the day where I can actually just relax and reflect, and honestly, it’s helped with a lot of nearly late assignments! I promise it’s not for a lack of procrastination, it’s just because I’m often times running around all day that I don’t get a breather until I literally have to take care of myself. I honestly love that, though. I love that I’m a person that needs to move around and constantly think, so it’s also nice to have those little moments to myself where I am obligated to focus on myself and all the little things I did throughout the day and need to reflect on. I feel like it’s not only helpful but honestly quite therapeutic as well!

  5. 5. Absolutely Nothing at All

    Chandler Long Day

    This one’s more suited for bath thoughts, however, I feel like it’s a rarity to actually just get to shake off absolutely all the worries you have and breathe. Let’s be real, there are a lot of hard days in a lifetime. It’s impossible to make every single day a good day. I hate to say that because it just puts a real damper on my optimistic side, but it’s the truth. Days are hard, so you deserve to have a day every once in a while where you can just play some music, let the waterfall and think about absolutely nothing.

  6. 6. What the Heck am I Doing Here?

    Lizzo Hair Flip

    I recently saw this post by the human embodiment of self-love, Lizzo, where she posted two side by side photos of herself, one was her as a sign spinner dressed as Lady Liberty, then the other was her as Lady Liberty once again, but this time it was her SNL debut. My point by all this is that she then ended the post by saying, “don’t stop...we need you. Your time is coming.” This hit me particularly hard because I am constantly thinking about what I’m going to be when I’m older and the kind of person I’m going to be like and if I’m going to be happy. I hope that the answer is yes. And I think that’s something we all kind of have in our minds is when we’re going to be “there.” You know, what is all of this for? Who will I be in ten years? 

  7. 7. The Optimist at Heart

    Golden lab smiling

    On a happier note, I also always think about the things I have to look forward to in the coming days. I used to write a super long list of things that I had to do when I woke up, and, although it helped me remember, it also ended and began my day with constant anxiety. (We’re getting to the happy part, I promise.) I’m happy to report, I have since updated that method, and now I still write notes, however, these include little motivational pep talks (Ex: Study your booty off for that Geology test you’re gonna kick butt at!) Post-it notes aside, showering your mind with positivity can be a really freeing thing. Whenever I start to freak myself out because of numbers 4 and 6, number 7 comes in like the girl boss she is and forces me to think about what’s good in my life. It sounds so cliche and cheesy, but I start with the basics, like having the ability to breathe and see, then we get to the more fun and complex side, such as “holy crap I get to go see the ocean this Summer!” and “I get to hug my mom in a few days!” I say it a lot, but I’m truly a big believer that some optimism and positivity can really save you from anxiety.

We all have different thoughts in the shower, some more relaxing than others. Maybe yours were similar, maybe they weren't! Overall, I think it's really cool honestly to acknowledge what we think during our most vulnerable time of the day!