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Say This, Not That: Recruitment Terminology

In just 2 short weeks one of the craziest weeks at Kent will begin, sorority recruitment. Recruitment is both super exciting and extremely fun. A year ago, I was a potential new member who knew next to nothing about greek life or recruitment.That is why I put together this say this, not that list to help potential new members with their own recruitment experience. Hopefully, this list of appropriate terms will help you make the best first impression possible. 
1. Recruitment, not rush
This is just one of those terms where the Kent State Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council prefer both initiated members and potential new members to say recruitment, not rush. 
2. Single intentional preferencing, not suiciding
Single intentional preferencing, other wise vulgarly known as suiciding, is when a potential new member decides to only list one sorority to recieve a bid from during preference round.
3. New members, not babies
After a potential new member has recieved their bid, they are known as a new member, not a baby. Babies is a term that suggests hazing, which Ohio has extremely strict laws against. 
4. New member class, not pledge class
Same reasoning as number 3, pledge class doesn’t accurately describe the new member class. Pledge has also been associated with hazing and is disrespectful. 
5. Don’t refer to somebody who is not in greek life as a GDI, or geed
Often times people who are not in greek life are called a GDI. This stands for ‘God d**m independent.’ People also will say geed. Avoid both terms as this is offensive to those who are not a part of greek life. 
Best of luck to all potential new members and if you are already an intitated member of a chapter on campus maybe this list might be helpful to you, too! 
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