The Runways's Most Popular Hair Trend This Season

It’s fall AKA fashion’s most important season, and while we love looking at the clothes, let’s take a look at something besides jewelry to accessorize your outfit. Your hair is probably one of the easiest ways to instantly elevate what you're wearing. For inspiration, the top looks came from brands such as Simone Rocha, Chanel and celebrity stylist Justine Marjan’s Instagram (@justinemarjan). Marjan, the hairstylist behind Christian Siriano’s chained ponytails and Ashley Graham’s bejeweled ponytail, is the ultimate go-to guide for hair inspiration that fits into all these trends and shows you great ways on how to make some of them more wearable. She even offers tutorials on how she does her looks for your watching pleasure. That being said, here is a curated list of the top trends for your hair to put your outfit on the next level. 



The Hair Bouquet

Florals went from being printed all over your clothes to being all over your head. Whether it be stuck into braids, a simple flower behind your ear, or a full flower adornment. This trend is very feminine and earthy, and honestly, not that hard. For inspiration look to Rodarte, Alice and Olivia and Justine Margan’s Instagram. 

Tip: Go to a craft store and buy some small fake flowers that have wires for stems, braid your hair and stick the flowers in, wrapping the wire around the chunks of hair (so they don’t fall out). Yup, it’s that easy and probably costs less than $5. 

Photo: Alessandro Viero / via


Photo: @justinemarjan via Instagram 

Bejeweled Clips

Pearls, crystals, and jewels are all the rage, and I’m really excited about it! I think we all remember Ashley Graham’s bedazzled ponytail at the MET gala, right? Well, that look has not gone away. These lux bobby pins and clips can be found on countless runway shows including Versace, Chanel, Ashish, Dolce and Gabbana, and so many more. 

Tip: Amazon has a great array that comes in bulk, don’t spend $30 on one clip when you can get 12 clips for $10. 

Photo: Armando Grillo / via

The Simple Bobby

Another easy and cute hair trend for everyone and everyone is the bobby pin. Lela Rose, as shown below, was the leader of this trend, using a different amount of bobby pins on different modals, adding some interest to the simple look. Just a bobby pin either on one side or both sides right above the ear or putting a few together makes the perfect simple (but doesn't look simple) look. 

Photo: Lela Rose via Alessandro Lucioni / via

Fuzz, Feathers and Fur 

Your blanket isn’t the only thing that’s going to be fuzzy this season. Hairpins decked out with feathers on your head or even a fuzzy headband are just one of the many ‘extra’ trends hitting the runway. Check out Marc Jacobs and Shrimps for inspiration. 


Photo: Shrimps via

Bold Headbands

It’s no secret headbands have been super on-trend, but it’s being taken to the next level. These hair accessories were totally underrated until now. Now, headbands are getting bigger and bolder with designs involving gems, jewels, crystals, fur, pearls and leather. Dozens of brands such as Ermanno Scervino, Simone Rocha and Prada brought back the headband and are great brands to look to for following this trend. 

Photo: @justinemarjan via Instagram 


Now if you didn’t know, the grunge trend is definitely back, and it’s not just your clothes that are part of it. Chains have moved from being around your belt loops to being in your hair. Whether it be gold or silver, anything involving chains will suffice. For inspiration, check out Christian Siriano’s Fall/Winter 19/20 show.


Photo: @justinemarjan via Instagram 


The easiest of all accessories and costs you probably nothing. A simple bow tied in a ponytail or at the end of a braid will give you that sweet, feminine addition to your outfit. Some of the brands implementing bows were Chanel, Rodarte, Ace and Jig and Oscar de la Renta. The beauty of this trend is that first, anyone can do it, and second, the bows that were shown don’t have to be those perfect bows (that no one ever knows how to tie), they are just tied wrapped around the ponytail and have the tails hang down over the hair. Simple right?

Tip: Tie the ribbon you want to use onto a hair tie and use it how you would to tie your hair. Take the ribbon and wrap it around the ponytail to cover the rubber band and tie a bow. Easy right?

Photo: Oscar De La Renta via Getty Images via