The Revival of the Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is back and better than ever—and its not going anywhere. For fashion and function, the fanny pack has had the ultimate revival. First making its big debut as the it bag of the 80s, bum bags have taken on many looks overtime. From tourists to trendsetters the bag has become a statement piece. The modern bum bag renaissance was first seen on college campuses for tailgates. Next, these versatile bags made their way down the runways in 2017. The trend has now become mainstreamed as every designer has their take, from vintage Prada to Burberry's newest print. It is a go-to for stylists on set as the trend shifts from around the waist to cross body. Not quite sure how to conquer this trend? Get inspired by these interpretations from celebrities, influencers and designers.


Paris Fashion Week (Photo by Nabile Quenum)

Kendall Jenner

Louis Vuitton Simply Audree Kate Christian Cownan Kendall Jenner