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Crocs are the shoes everyone loves to hate. Years ago you might’ve seen family members, friends or strangers on the street sporting a vast array of these foam colored clogs. Now Crocs are looked at with disdain by the general public because the fashion world declared how hideous the shoes are. Fast forward nearly a decade later and Crocs have become the shoes behind the “what are those” memes and deemed the ugliest shoes ever by the media.

Recently, however, fashion designer Christopher Kane debuted his Spring 2017 collection during London Fashion Week, showcasing bejeweled versions of these infamous clogs.

Yes, you read it correctly: bejeweled Crocs. This re-imagined version of those once-hideous shoes are now reasonably stylish with the idea of embellished gems and more attractive color variations; ranging from solid colors to marble prints. In just the matter of  minutes, Crocs went from your casual every day to a haute, couture phenomenon. 

So does this mean Crocs are coming back in style? If the rest of the fashion world is as accepting of Crocs as Christopher Kane is, we might be seeing these fashionable, redesigned clogs in stores soon.

Ciao everyone! My name is Marion Kpandeyenge and I am currently a freshman at Kent State University, where I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising. I have a passion for fashion, but my love for writing holds a very special place in my heart.
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