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Relatable AF moments from HBO’s Insecure

If you have yet to watch Issa Rae’s Insecure, I suggest you make a free HBO Go account now. A few weeks ago, after binge-watching Big Little Lies (another must watch show), I decided to watch Insecure. I finished the show in just three days and literally fell in love with all the characters. So maybe the characters are problematic af, but that’s what makes them so relatable. I compiled a list of relatable moments from episode one to encourage you to watch the show

1. Being aggressively passive

2. Pretending you can actually rap

3. Facebook stalking your ex

4. Subsequently, finding out your ex is single

5. The guy you are seeing gives you a lame excuse as to why they can’t see you anymore.

6. Getting tired of trying to please guys because no matter what you do, all your relationships end the same way.

7. The waitress/waiter asking if you are ready to order when you haven’t even looked at the menu.

8. Starting to resent the person you're with because you do not see the relationship going anywhere.

9. Reconnecting with your ex via Facebook

10. Seeing your friends move on with their relationships

11. Figuring out what to say when you “accidentally” run into your ex.

12. Breaking up with your couch potato boyfriend before you meet up with your ex.

13. Dragging your friend to club in 1997 Inglewood so she can get out of her funk, when it’s really because you want to meet up with your ex.

14. Hyping up your friend on the dance floor.

15. Putting your hand out for a handshake, but having it totally ignored.

16. Then playing it off like you were dancing the whole time.

17. Giving your friend the side-eye to let her know to leave you and your new cutie alone.

18. Thinking someone is trying to get your attention.

19. And then you turn around to see they were waving to someone else.

20. Acting “surprised” when you see your ex.

21. Finding out the reason why your friend dragged you out to a club in 1997 Inglewood was to see their ex.

22. Receiving a dare and following through.

23. Seeing your friend about to rap about your love life on stage totally sober.

24. Blaming the dare on your ex.

25. Going to ex’s house after fighting with your best friend.

26. Saying you like Drake because he really gets you.

27. Your ex telling you he is not looking for a relationship.

28. Proceeding to getting the hell out of there.

29. Bringing over your best friend’s favorite snacks to make peace with her.


Be sure to watch season one of Insecure on HBO, before season two returns on July 23!

Ciao everyone! My name is Marion Kpandeyenge and I am currently a freshman at Kent State University, where I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising. I have a passion for fashion, but my love for writing holds a very special place in my heart.
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