Reasons To Call Home More

As a sophomore in college, you would think that by now I have mastered leaving home and being away from my family for months at a time. Well that could not be more wrong. I have the luxury of going home at least once a month, but sometimes that is still not enough for me not to feel homesick. When I start to feel like that, my first instinct is to call home and hope my mom answers. Here's five quick reasons as to why you should be calling home more too.

1. You are homesick

Like I mentioned already, if you start to feel down about being away from home, the best thing you can do is reach out to your a parent or sibling. They know exactly how to cheer you up.

2. Your parents miss you even if they do not admit it!

Believe it or not, your parents are missing you more than you are missing them. Especially if you are their first or only child. You are leaving the nest! It is probably a good idea to make a habit of calling home and asking them about their day or week. Since you are not at the dinner table, or just around the house in general you are missing out on the activities they are partaking in.

3. If you need to rant

My mom knows that the second I call her, I have some tea to spill. Whether it is about a boy that hurt my feelings or a professor that definitely needs to take a chill pill, I will call home and tell my mom all about it. She will stay on the phone with me for an hour if I need it, and getting advice from her always calms me down. Call a family member that can do that for you and trust me, your stress will disappear. 

4. Tell them what grades they should expect from you 

Trust me, you are going to want them to be prepared to be slightly disappointed or pleasantly surprised when grades come out. I have found that is it better just to be honest about how you are doing in your classes, than lie about. Whenever I call my parents I update them briefly on how my school work is going.

5.  Plan your next visit home

This is an easy reason to call home, and it is also a more cheerful one. Talking about home cooked meals you miss and planning some family activities are always a way to lighten your mood. Plus, you should probably give your family a heads up if you are thinking about making the journey back home for a weekend or a break. 

So what are you waiting for? Give your family a call right now. If your reading this article, there's probably a good chance you were already thinking about it.