The Real Ranking of the Best Halloween Characters

So, if you love Halloween and by that I mean, a piece of your heart grows a trillion times bigger all throughout October, you've come to the right place! I've seen far too many Halloween movies and shows, and I am 100% that person that re-watches specifically the Halloween-themed episodes of television shows (even in July). So, I thought it would be fun to go through the real list of the best Halloween characters!

  1. 1. Dr. Frank-N-Furter

    I wanted to start this list with the definition of Halloween, which is Rocky Horror Picture Show! If you've never had the pleasure of seeing this movie or performance, please do yourself the favor of going! I've been lucky enough to go to two performances and have seen the movie with my mom. I cannot recommend it more! Also, if you live in the Kent area, I know their next screening is November 16 at the Kent Stage!

    Anyway, Dr. Frank-N-Furter is the "scientist" of said performance, and he is by far the sole reason it even exists! If you're not into terribly raunchy stuff, Rocky Horror may not be for you, however, if it is, Dr. Frank-N-Furter will most likely be your favorite! From singing about being the '"Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania" to giving an incredibly wonderful yet so over the top. which couldn't be more fitting, performance of 'I'm Going Home,' he truly shows all colors and body parts, and he will make you want to come back again and again.

    The atmosphere of the show is so original and authentic to the show that it could never possibly match any other theater production because it's almost respectfully disrespectful. There's this strange dynamic between shouting perverted things to wanting to shout said things, and if you ever get to go, you'll know what I mean, but I cannot stress enough how magnificent and wonderful this performance is, so please go and fall in love with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

  2. 2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    Of course, I had to choose a '90s favorite, and what better choice than the friendliest witch with the best talking cat in the world? Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a classic for me growing up, and I feel like it was for a lot of other people as well! Also, if you prefer the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series but hate all the gore and thrill of it all, here's the perfect solution!

    Sabrina is so perfectly quirky and wacky, you'll want to binge every episode and maybe even bring back some nostalgia. It's comedic, yet still pulls on the heartstrings every chance it gets. I chose her because she genuinely put a smile on my face growing up, and an added bonus was watching my mom's face light up in the same way, so if you're looking for a family-friendly spooky show, look no further! Please, go fall in love with the best witch this world has ever seen.

  3. 3. Alex and Camryn from Twitches

    Twitches will forever hold a place in my heart because I'm a twin. So, any time any Disney movie was made about twins, my sister and I got super excited. Twitches was a million times cooler because these twins had superpowers! This little Disney throwback was the movie to watch during October when I was a kid and has progressed to current college me. I also just love Tia and Tamera Mowry and watching them when they were the age that I currently am makes my heart so happy. I have really fond memories of sitting on the floor, watching as these twins that were separated at birth (which is kind of creepy if you think about it now, but seven year old me really didn't) as they battle their enemy, Darkness, together. If you have no other reason other than pure nostalgia, I think that's a perfectly valid reason to rewatch this Disney classic. However, I also think it truly was a well-made movie, especially if you're not a big horror person. Happy twinning! 

  4. 4. Wednesday Addams

    Of course, I needed to include the girl that defines the emo phase that was me in high school. She pulls it off better, though, and rightfully so! With the original collared dress and side braids, she's that girl that you wanted to be so badly growing up, purely because she knew who she was and became who she wanted to be so effortlessly.

    Wednesday Addams is so iconic, and if you've ever wondered where the e-girl trend originated, just watch the show or film Addams Family! She's been kicking since 1938, and people still dress up like her on Halloween, and why wouldn't they? She's cooler than I will ever be and can ruin you with a single one-liner.


  5. 5. Jack Skellington

    C'mon, I couldn't not include Jack in this! I unfortunately haven't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas in a while, but I've never seen a more iconic and perfect representation of a holiday, especially one as fitting for Halloween as Jack Skellington. For someone who looks so creepy, he actually has a wonderful heart. He also represents depression once you read into the story a bit more. As someone that has seen depression firsthand, it really warmed my little Halloween-loving heart to see a cartoon character show something that the intended audience may not fully be able to come to terms with quite yet.

    I also think that's why he's so loved because we can't help but love him now, especially after he's helped and shown love to so many. I'm also a sucker for animation because I've never been able to do it. To watch it be done so uniquely and beautifully really made me fill with joy!.


  6. 6. Honorable Mention: Three-Hole-Punch Jim Halpert

    I'm an Office addict, so this is my attempt at trying to subtly get in an Office reference. As mentioned before, I re-watch a lot of Halloween episodes during non-Halloween seasons, and the Office is one of my go-to's. Between the hundreds of random pranks between Jim and Dwight to Jim's iconic costumes, I felt it was only fitting to put in the most memorable one: three-hole-punch Jim.

    If you watch The Office, you're very aware of the fact that Jim works at the world's best paper company, Dunder Mifflin, however, if you don't, allow me to explain. Jim works at a paper company, which is likely the most mundane job to exist, so to fit said job, he dresses as the most mundane thing for Halloween; paper. If you take nothing away from this or hate Halloween (which I can't understand, but you do you) please watch The Office! Get through the first season, and I promise the rest will be all you hope it to be. I'm biased because I've seen it far too many times to count, but I remember the first time I saw it, and you will fall in love with every character (even Dwight!) so please, go enjoy three-hole-punch Jim. Or better yet, if you have to go to a dress-up party but hate dressing up, he's a perfectly lazy solution.


Hopefully, this list put you more in the Halloween spirit and maybe even reminded you of your favorite spooky characters!