Press Reset with a New Approach to Planning: Your Guide to a Stress Free 2018

Picture this – a millennial girl swaying around her candlelit room to Father John Misty, face mask on, smoothie nearby, latest read tossed aside with Netflix asking, “Are you still watching ‘Criminal Minds’?” on the TV. Who is this girl? Me! This over the top display of self-care came to fruition all because I never press pause. After this meltdown, I decided more is not always more. One evening of self-care overload cannot banish months of being on the go. Moderation is key with anything. More is most definitely not more! Therefore, I decided to pen a self-care survival guide to help us girls seize the day and attempt ro balance the work/school/friends/fitness/zillions of other activities we juggle.

My ultimate tip? Use a Planner. It simplifies everything. 

Your agenda book could include dedicated slots for the following activities:

1. At Least 30 Minutes for Fitness.  

Just do it! Even the smallest sweat session can give you a moment of clarity. I get my best ideas while working out, and I also resolve any frustrations I am facing. I tend to do yoga when I need to quiet my mind, run when I want my stress to melt away and walk my dog when I need to brainstorm. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose, just get active!

2. Set a Weekly Coffee Date with Your Girl Gang.

This one is a no-brainer. Your girls can help talk out problems, make you laugh until you cry and assist you with studying! All in all, what’s not to love about unwinding with good company and a hot cup of coffee? You will most definitely leave with a smile on your face, a pep in your step and ready to conquer the world thanks to caffeine and good vibes. 

3. Try One New Thing a Week.

The magnitude of the task is unimportant. What’s vital is exploring new possibilities. If I have had an overwhelming week, I start with a small change like trying a new eye shadow, reading a new genre or cooking a new recipe. If my week has been smooth, I take a larger leap. For example, I may sign-up for a new fitness class, go on a date, or book a weekend trip. Change is good. Try to be comfortable with broadening your horizons.  

4. Meditate and Reflect.

Zen time is essential and can mean many different things. For example, you could choose to legitimately meditate. I have an iPhone app that aids me with winding down. It’s called "Calm."

Maybe actual meditation isn’t your jam? You could try lighting some candles and taking a bubble bath. It allows your mind and body to let go and reflect on things.

No matter what method you choose (and there are many), I think it’s key to analyze your week. You can conscientiously identify the positives and negatives from your week. Then, moving forward, you can hopefully repeat actions that yielded positive results and learn to manage setbacks better.

All in all, writing down allotted times for each activity will help you visualize your goals. In addition, the repetition will hopefully make them a normal part of your weekly routine which will help keep you balanced day-to-day.

Have a stress-free 2018!