Powering Through the End of the Semester

I can't believe it's already April! In the blink of an eye, the first few months of 2018 have really flashed by. The end of a semester can be stressful and overwhelming for almost everyone. There are finals that need to be studied for, and final projects that need to be perfected. With all of this crazy stuff going on, it is easy to become overwhelmed and unmotivated at this point in the semester. Recently, I have found myself less motivated to complete the things that I used to have no problem with. To help power through this end of the semester slump, here are some tips and tricks to make these last few weeks as great as the first few. 


Continue to write down EVERYTHING.

I normally consider myself a very organized person. I love to journal, make to-do lists and plan out my week in my agenda. In the past few weeks, I found myself not checking my agenda on a daily basis anymore. Along with this, I got into the habit of not writing a daily to-do list. I quickly saw how it was more difficult for me to remember all of the things I needed to complete before the day was over. It became very easy to forget to do a small discussion post for class or to take my laundry out of the dryer. It became more difficult for me because I am the kind of person who remembers things better when it's written down. Once I got back on track with writing down my daily list, it made my days more productive. I would remember to do everything I needed to, and I wouldn't forget the small tasks that needed done. I know on most days I would rather go to bed 10 minutes earlier than write down my list for the following day. After skipping my lists, I realized that being organized is a simple step that really helps a day go by smoother. 

Take some you time!

Classes are about to end, and this can be both exciting and stressful. Everyone is desperately looking forward to the warm summer months, but it can also be stressful worrying about final grades and exams. With all of this stress and chaos, it can be easy to forget to do simple things for yourself. If I'm having a busy night where I wont have any relaxing time, I try and do a face mask. The best things about face masks is you can put them on and continue working on your homework. They instantly make you feel refreshed and glowing. Personally, I always feel like face masks wake me up too. If it's late, I will use one to revive my skin and wake me up so I can finish my work. 

Spend quality time with your college buds.

The end of the school year means that your friends will most likely be going in a separate directions for the summer months. With this in mind, try and spend as much time with them as possible. I personally have many close friends who live in the opposite side of the state or other states. I will probably get to see them once or twice at most this summer. This makes every moment I spend with them during the last few weeks even more important. Even though that mid afternoon nap seems so great, spend time with your college friends instead! Making memories is something that you will always be able to reflect on unlike a quick snooze.


Stay on top of your small assignments.

During this time of year, it can be so easy to forget to complete your smaller assignments. I find myself worrying about my large projects due at the end of the semester. It can be easy to forget about the one page reflections or the reading responses that are due. These assignments are never extremely difficult, but they do take up time. Like I mentioned earlier, you should write down these assignments in an agenda or on a to-do list. I find it easiest to try and finish these small assignments a few days before they are due, so I'm not stuck rushing to finish them at the last minute.


If you get overwhelmed in the following weeks just remember to relax and that you can do it! Things might get hard and become stressful, but always look at life with a smile and you'll make it through!