Pet Obituaries: An Idea We Can Make Sweet

Whenever I think of pet funerals, I feel like they’re always a really heartbreaking ceremony where people cry (in my case, a lot) and constantly just keep remembering that their little buddy isn’t with them anymore. It’s wonderful that they meant so much that they’re having a little funeral because honestly, it feels like losing family. However, it’s not a complete thank you because it’s such a sad and mournful time that I feel like you can’t really process and remember the good times.


I recently lost my little pupper and my mom very cutely said she had an article idea for me (this is also how I found out that she’s secretly a writer at heart and has been hoarding a bunch of wonderful article ideas). The idea was the concept of pet obituaries, and I’m not going to lie, I thought it was really sad and kind of depressing at first, because honestly, who wants to look at a bunch of animals that have recently passed?

However, I have good news because that’s not at all what it is! It’s actually a little way for pet owners and pet lovers of all kinds to write and post about their little animals and how they made them better and happier people.

It honestly sucks losing a pet. It doesn’t need to be sugar-coated because everyone can understand it. I have never cried more over something, and it helped monumentally to be able to talk about everything and actually think about all the stupid things he did (Warning: it’s a lot). I started thinking, what if there was a place where everyone could just talk and share all the ways their little cuties changed them for the better?

So the idea begins similarly to regular obituaries that we see today, where we open to a bunch of (adorable) pictures, and then rather than reading about the ceremony of said little pet, we read about all the little personality traits and ways in which they made those around them better.

I don’t in any way mean you shouldn’t grieve, because I truly believe that is a vital part of healing from any loss. It’s perfectly okay to be sad for a little while. In fact, it’s human. But, I also believe in looking on the brighter side, and I like to think that’s what your pet would want.

I also wanted to use this part to talk about how wonderful adoption can be. Whatever method you choose to bring a pet into your life is 100% your choice, but I’ve always been particularly swayed towards getting the opportunity to give a home to someone that needs it, and even though they can’t say it, I like to think when you adopt a pet and bring them home, they’re thanking you in every lick and cuddle session.

I hope this article was helpful in any way that it possibly could be. I know what it’s like to lose a pet, and as painful and upsetting as it can be, maybe the idea made you smile (or happy cry! I did both).