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The Perfect Dress For Easter


Ahh … the delightful feeling of spring is right around the corner, just taunting the overworked, frost-bitten college students of good old Kent State. For many other schools across the United States, the weather easily permits them to buy spring dresses in March and actually wear them in March. Ha! It must be nice to live far far away from Northeast Ohio. Even though we can’t wear those petal-printed pleats just yet, it doesn’t hurt to get a head start on shopping for the perfect Easter sundress. Here are some styles that will have you craving more sunlight (and possibly a few jelly beans). 


Iris Dress – Tobi.com – $54 




This body-con dress is practical and versatile. Paired with an oversized floppy hat and some pearls, you have an Easter delight. Or pair it with delicate chrome-spiked jewelry and worn-in chucks for a quick spring outfit on the go. Bonus: the sleeve length is perfect for the chilly breezes that will undoubtedly come your way.



For Love & Lemons Craft Poly Print Dress – Svpply.com – $128 




Admit it: Your first spring dress purchase is almost always a floral. We’re all guilty. Maybe since flowers haven’t actually surfaced yet, the next best thing is to wear them! Nothing gets you in summer-mode faster than a floral print frock. It’s a fact. This one, found on Swell.com, would work well in the fall, too — just add tights and brown leather booties.



Contrast Lace Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress – Sheinside.com – $34 




If you’re more into lacy romantic dresses, this one is perfect to add to your coveted collection. The unique deep blue color has us gawking with awe. Conservative yet risqué, this dress has many personalities. Just be sure to invest in the proper strapless bra — trust us, it’s worth your wallet. 




Stone Cold Fox Jerry Jumpsuit – Urban Outfitters – $360 




Okay, two reasons why this fabulous jumpsuit is a wildcard:

  1. Honestly, what college student actually has $360 dollars to spend on a onesie?
  2. Jumpsuits have a confusing relationship with many people. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em.

But hey, a jumpsuit can be worn with wedges, sandals or flip-flops and gold or silver jewelry. It’s also the perfect outfit for lunch with friends or a dinner date with some stud. Try to think positively about the jumpsuit; don’t let its powerful presence intimidate you.








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