People to Thank While We All Have Some Extra Time

I wanted to make a thank you list to show off all the jobs and people that truly deserve a good thank you and six-foot-wide hug right about now. I feel like a lot of us are just trying to find ways to thank all that are providing for us right now in a time when things are honestly kind of scary, so please, if you can in any way thank anyone right now, I promise it’ll make their day. This is the absolute smallest thing I could think of doing right now. I hope and plan to do more, especially once classes are over, but right now, please enjoy this list A to Z of 26 wonderful types of people that deserve all the love right now. These are just a few, but feel free to make a list of your own and spread even more love. 

Original Illustration by Gina Escandon for Her Campus Media


Let’s be honest, we’re all using artist’s work right now for entertainment, and goodness has it been helpful. After working for hours on assignments and feeling like the world is just...hard, it’s nice to watch my one or two episodes of my favorite show and feel like the world isn’t the way it is right now. Also, to all the people using their gifts for their neighbors, I promise you they appreciate it. It’s such a happy thing to hear that there are people DJ-ing for their neighbors, chalking masterpieces for those that walk by, getting everyone to sing like you’re at your favorite concert and so much more, all to just make things just that much better. If we’re getting cheesy about it, all of us have become artists lately, and a large part of that is because we’re using our hearts for the best reasons in the world right now.

Bus Drivers

I wanted to start this section off with a cute story! I went for a run around week two of quarantine, and as I was running past an RTA bus, I saw this incredibly sweet and smiley bus driver wave to me. And I know that’s probably not the largest story, but for someone that really wanted to smile at someone and have a sweet little waving interaction, it meant the world. Overall though, they’re providing transportation for people that need to get to hospitals, people that are on their way to greet some relatives and so much more, so thank you.


To all people that are taking care of everyone else when we need it the most, I promise it’s not going unnoticed. You’re giving your time to ensure that everyone else is okay, and that was before all this *gestures dramatically* started going on. So, thank you for making the hard times easier.


This one can’t be emphasized enough, but thank you to all doctors who are taking care of patients right now. I can’t even begin to understand what a day in the life of a doctor would look like now. To be doing so much for so many people all because you truly just want to help is something none of us will forget. Truly, from all who you have helped, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

woman holding syringe wearing PPE Unsplash

Extra Small Businesses

To the creators of businesses all of us look forward to going to, you created a space that we felt comfortable and loved, and I guarantee you we will all return after all this madness blows over. This must be quite a scary time, and I hope you know we’re all waiting on the sidelines, eager to go back to our favorite places when it’s safe. Thank you for creating with your heart, and we’ll give you all the love we can whenever you need it. I also wanted to use this as a way to mention that although a lot of small businesses may not be open physically, there are still many that have an online presence, so be sure to stay updated there for announcements and reminders.

First Responders

To all the people going on the frontlines so a lot of other people don’t have to, we all appreciate your efforts and understand just how much you’re doing for us. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and we can’t thank you enough.  

Grocery Store Workers

I know from experience how hard a day as a grocery store employee can be, and I can’t begin to understand what it would be like to be going through it in a time like now. To constantly be on your feet, restocking empty shelves, dealing with all types of customers and so much more. They’re really helping everyone right now and they’re doing it with a smile, so thank you.

a woman stands in front of the health juice/kombucha shelves at a grocery store kc0uvb | Pixabay

Hospital Workers

I know I mentioned nurses and doctors, but I wanted to mention all other hospital employees as well, because they deserve the credit. To all hospital employees that may not be doctors or nurses, but are still getting up and going to work every day while all of this mess is going on, thank you. 


Before this comes off as incredibly conceited, I don’t mean me specifically; I mean you. If you are absolutely anyone that this list applies to, you’re doing so much for so many people right now, more than you probably realize. There’s this sign on one of my neighbor’s doors made by their lovely kids, and it reads “we can do hard things.” And I know it’s silly, but I’m a cheesy quote enthusiast, and I can’t emphasize enough how emotional it makes me. Because in a time like this, it hits differently to think about all the things we thought were going to be hard before. It makes us think differently about what other people are going through. It makes us different. So I wanted to include "I" because we’re doing the hard thing. And for that– I thank all of you.

Janitors/Maintenance Workers

To one of the most deserving thank yous, you’re truly amazing! I cannot think of anything but joy and gratitude when I think of all the maintenance people, especially those in hospitals, so truly, thank you for creating a space that makes working easier.


This is an underrated thank you, but every time I pass houses filled with color or see kids playing outside, it’s a nice little reminder that there’s still happiness and pure joy in the world right now. I also wanted to quickly give a little reassurance to all those not able to be in school right now, because I’m still lucky enough to have classes online, and to not be able to go to school in any way would be really upsetting. I promise school will eventually go back in session, but for now, keep making the world colorful!

Loved Ones

This one essentially goes to everyone, but also especially towards those who are quarantining without other people and can’t see the ones they love right now. I’m lucky enough to have my sister as my best friend and get to talk to her and hang out with her every day. Especially on the days when a lot of this hits me pretty hard, it means a lot to know I can just be by the people that make it easier.


I feel like it’s a universal understanding that mailmen/women are just nice people. The mailman that comes to my family house is always so kind and makes a point to say "hi" to my dog every single time I see him outside. And I don’t just mean regularly, although that’s true as well, I mean now too. If I see him outside, six feet apart, of course, he will go up and pet my overly-excited dog, with his gloves, just to make sure he doesn’t feel ignored. I feel like that’s just who they are though. They’re genuinely kind people just trying to make people feel better.

USPS Truck Pope Moysuh


I know this is a fairly publicized thank you on social media (as it definitely should be) but I wanted to include them here as well, because they really are doing absolutely everything and then some more. I can’t imagine being a person going into a hospital every day during such a scary time with the ultimate purpose to help people.

Old Friends

Sounds kind of silly, but ever since COVID-19 hit, I’ve been thinking about high school a lot and just generally have been super nostalgic. One of the things that have been keeping me busy lately has been just going outside in any safe way I can, like going for walks, runs, trying to run with my dog (who doesn’t go in a straight line ever, and makes for some really interesting “runs”) and any other way. And every time I’ve gone outside for over ten minutes, I’ve seen someone from my high school, and it’s so therapeutic. There’s a really nice sense of home in just seeing people from when you were younger, and I can’t recommend it more, even to just do a simple wave as you walk by. It’s comforting.


Okay, so I just adopted a puppy, and can thoroughly say that if you’re feeling down and you need a smile, if you have access to a pet, give them some love! If not, there are enough funny and cute pet videos online to last you all through quarantine. In all sincerity, they provide so much comfort in a time we really, truly need it.

Puppy Happy Fun Girl Charlotte Reader / Her Campus


Okay, hear me out. I’m not saying this is a good thing, by any means. But if people weren’t quarantining and just walking around as if this wasn’t anything, there would be a lot more people in danger. By staying home, we’re doing so much for so many people, so if you’re one of those people reading this at home, hopefully feeling some love and eating a lot of baked goods, thank you.


To all people currently handling take out orders or are currently unemployed from older service jobs, thank you. I feel like this has become so repetitive, but I don’t want to minimize this, especially when most food service jobs are reliant on tips that they can no longer receive. Being in foodservice is hard enough when you’re not worrying about how you're going to pay to live, so truly, thank you.

pizza slice pulling from whole pizza Pexels


I am so biased on this one because my mom is a secretary, but that’s also given me a closer look into all that she and all other secretaries are currently going through. I know for my mom specifically she’s still physically going into an empty building for work, which is because she works in a hospital and patients are having appointments online, however, I know there are many others still scheduling appointments while working from home. And it just seems like such a massive thing to schedule appointments for others so they can get better, all while you’re still trying to schedule your own life in this very unsure and quite worrying time. So to my mom and all other secretaries out there, thank you for making my schedule easier when yours may still be quite difficult to manage as well. 


Truly they deserve their own article right now. Online classes weren’t something I planned for this semester, and I can’t imagine any teachers were either. When you’re moving from a place of learning where you can raise your hand and have face-to-face interaction with a camera and chat room, things become hard. I know I personally had and still have issues figuring out online learning, and it seems all the more daunting to create an entirely new lesson plan and schedule for the rest of the semester when you’re still trying to figure out what’s happening in your own life. You deserve to hear it even without a pandemic, but thank you. Thank you for teaching us when we could all truly learn something.

UPS Workers

Delivering things that could potentially make someone’s day, whether that means health reasons or just simply something to help your child learn, UPS workers have been on the front lines helping everyone that needs something. And I truly hope that they know how much we appreciate it because it can’t be easy, so from all of us to all of you, thank you.


I feel like this can play in our lives in a bunch of ways: YouTube, video calls with loved ones, Netflix and so many others. Because all of us are now staying at home, we’re utilizing these resources now more than ever, and I thought they deserved a little shoutout.


I wanted to include women because I feel like right now a lot of female-dominated careers are coming into play and they deserve to be acknowledged. Especially mothers that are teaching and caring for their children by themselves. I don’t mean to discredit other genders at all, because this goes to both single parents that are all genders. Being a parent is hard right now, and I can’t imagine doing it by yourselves.

X-Ray Technicians

I’m not going to lie, this was the best response I could think of because x is just that hard to come up with, but it’s also perfect for all hospital workers. So thank you to all hospital staff once again for getting up every day and going to work in a time when it’s just that much harder.

Young People

To all young people that are missing prom, graduation, senior day, their final performance on a stage, their last game, a job shadowing experience, an internship or anything else, I’m so sorry. Getting excited about something is a hard thing because of situations like these, and there will be a time that we can celebrate your big moment. You deserve a beautiful moment, and you will receive it once all of this craziness dies down, but thank you for staying safe in a time that you were promised something else.


I honestly never have something planned for z when writing an A-Z style article, but I am so glad this got to be it. Honestly, most of my classes have their sessions on Blackboard, so I don’t get to use Zoom that much for school work. It’s what I’ve been using for coffee dates with friends though, and honestly, I think that’s why I have such a happy relationship with it. On the other hand though, without it, a lot of us wouldn’t be able to do a lot of our assignments, so I wanted to say a quick thank you to the system that has essentially become our teachers for the rest of the semester.

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This list is just a start, and I hope that it encourages you to make one of your own and say a few thank yous in whatever way your heart desires!