The Peace Corps: Why You Should Join

After deciding I wanted to make the world just a little healthier, I did some extensive research on the American Peace Corps and fell in love.  The Peace Corps is an organization that was formed in 1961 by John. F. Kennedy. Currently, there are Peace Corps volunteers in over 70 countries and all of them have agreed to stay for a little more than two years; implementing sustainable plans to help better the community.

Here are some of the many reasons to join the Peace Corps:

You will become completely immersed in another culture.

The first three months of your service will spend learning about your new countries culture and language. It is your training period where you will also learn how to deal with certain situations. After the three months and hours of language classes, you will set out for your host family and become part of the community for the next two years.

You will learn a lot about yourself

Being put into an unknown country with unknown people and unknown culture will not be easy. All of your limits will be pushed but this is not a bad thing. You will find what you are made of. Every returned Peace Corps volunteer says they are not the same person as when they left but that it has almost all been for the better.

Your resume will be complete

First of all, with all governmental jobs, your application will be non-competitive eligibility meaning the employers will look at your application first. Not to mention the fluency in another language and the patience to help an entire community. Your application will be a shining star.


You could have your student loans forgiven

Because of certain law aspects of volunteering for a certain number of hours, most peace corps file to have their loans forgiven. Not to mention that there are possible scholarships and grants for continuing your education. There is a list of companies that are partnered with the peace corps that give out significant amounts of money for grad school.


There are way too many pros to list in one article but the big picture is that the Peace Corps can help enrich your life and open many more opportunities. This will be your home away from home.