New York City in a Day and a Half

It seems like every trip to New York leaves us wanting to return the day we get back home. The energy, the people, the food… there’s so much to take in. That’s why my recent trip consisted of trying to shove all the sights into a short time frame. I’m here to tell everybody it can be done! We ran ourselves from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again, and I can't wait to do it again. Here are some favorites from our day and a half adventure, from all the food, shopping and sights.



What we did: Together, we sampled stuffed calamari, Smørrebrød, baked meringue topped ice cream, Afghan comfort food and some french fries that were hands down the BEST fries I’ve ever had. When I say this (may) have been the highlight of the trip, I’m not kidding.

The pictures shows stuffed calamari a la Smorgasburg.

Would I go back: uh, yeah. Smorgasburg was the food festival of my dreams, despite the fact that I still struggle to pronounce the name. If you’re eager to try multiple cuisines but only in the city for a short time, I’d say this is the way to go. Plus, it happens every weekend in Brooklyn and there’s lots of green to sit on and soak in the views.


What we did: ate lots of pasta, then strolled through the streets.

Would I go back: Yes. While you could get about any cuisine in New York, stopping in Little Italy for pasta and a cannoli is just a novelty, and a delicious one at that. I split a plate with a friend, and that was the perfect size (and the perfect price).



What we did: Wandered around the exhibit, which featured abstract architecture in a monochromatic wash of white.

Would I go back: No. I’m a harsh critic on this one because the concept of Snark Park is quite whimsical, however, the experience is not life changing unless you’re younger. Installation art is tricky, and I’d say there are better things to see in the city if you’re short on time.


What we did: We had forty-five minutes in the Met. Sad but true, so naturally, we couldn’t see everything.

This picture demonstrates a sunny morning at The Met.

Would I go back: Always. You could spend a month wandering the Met. The collections are truly unparalleled. It’s my favorite way to waste away a rainy day in any city, especially New York.


What we did: took a stroll. It was seventy-five and sunny.

Would I go back: Absolutely. Central Park is a marvel inside a modern city, and if you’re in New York, you have to make a stop there.


What we did: After taking the ferry to DUMBO, we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. That day, New York saw clear skies and lots of sun, so the views were beautiful. Plus, it's easy to forget how cool the bridge truly is; both the architecture and construction are second to none.

look, mom! I made it across!

Would I go back: always.


What we did: Marveled at FIT’s vivid two-story fashion museum.

Would I go back: Yes. The museum’s collection varied from historical garments to modern couture, and I was all for it. The curation was fantastic. Plus, it’s free!



What we did: We got a good look at the beehive; however it was raining so we couldn’t climb to the top. However, we did go inside Hudson Yards. If you’ve been following the fashion crowd, and you’re somewhat obsessed with retail (hello!), you may have heard about the mall. This place had stores I’ve never even heard of, and I loved every minute of it.

A phot of the beehive.

Would I go back: Uh yeah, but I’ll need a week and a serious pay raise.


What we did: Strolled around and thrifted. Brooklyn is beautiful in the Spring, almost quaint when compared to Manhattan. We headed to two thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange and Monk Vintage.

Would I go back: to Monk Vintage, yes, absolutely, but would I go back to Buffalo Exchange? Probably not. In my opinion, Buffalo Exchange was overrated. It was a little too picked through and too pricey for my taste. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find a gem there. Thrift stores are constantly cycling, and there was a line of people waiting to sell merchandise out the door.

Monk vintage was Buffalo Exchange’s next door neighbor. The vibe here is different. It was old fashioned yet fun at the same time. I found multiple designer pieces, vintage gems, offbeat accessories and clothing in every color of the rainbow.

Check em both out, they’re right next to one another!


What we did: I think you already know; we shopped until we couldn’t anymore.

Would I go back: Yes, but again I’ll need a week and a serious pay raise.


And that’s just about it, all in a day and a half. I'm already planning my next trip, and so should you.