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Upcoming Albums to Add to Your Summer Playlist

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Another summer is fast approaching, the time of year with no school, hot weather and a time that just feels infinite. But with all the great vibes that come with summer it is also a great time to make a playlist with songs that can describe that summer feeling. 

Many songs that appear on summer playlists are overplayed and just old. So below are new or upcoming albums by my favorite artist to listen to and make that ultimate summer playlist with fresh new music. Along with my personal opinion on these new and upcoming albums.

WHO CARES? by Rex Orange County 

This is Alexander O’Connor’s (Rex Orange County) fourth album, following three years after his last album Pony. This album was released back on March 11th, containing eleven tracks. A surprising upbeat album, considering his recent break up with his long time girlfriend. 

Level of excitement: 7/10

Tell Me That It’s Over by Wallows 

This album was released on March 25th, containing ten tracks. This is the band’s second full-length album containing ten tracks. Lead singer Dylan Minnette described the album and said, “It’s an electric batch of songs, that’s for sure.”

Level of excitement: 9/10

Looking Down Dylan Minnette GIF by Wallows - Find & Share on GIPHY


Being a fairly new artist, Tucker Pillsbury’s first studio album is described as a dreamy pop album. With lyrics that seem heavily influenced by his current girlfriend, Emma Chamberlin. The album contains eleven tracks and was released on April 8th.  

Level of excitement: 5/10

Branco by Orville Peck

An album that was also released on April 8th, this is Orville Peck’s second studio album. A great western influenced artist whose identity is never seen. It is a fifteen track album, with a solemnly ballad sound to it.

Level of excitement:  6/10

Summertime GIF by Orville Peck - Find & Share on GIPHY

Come Home The Kids Miss You by Jack Harlow 

 Harlow’s seventh studio album was released on May 6th and contains sixteen tracks. Two singles have been released, “First Class” and “Nail Tech.” One of Rap’s biggest heartthrobs bringing more sexy hard hitting beats. 

Level of excitement: 7/10

Harry’s House by Harry Styles 

One of the most anticipated albums of the year. This is going to be Styles’ third studio album containing thirteen tracks. One single has been released called “As It Was.” This is predicted to be a dreamy soulful album being released on May 20th. 

Level of excitement: 10/10 

As It Was Jump GIF by Harry Styles - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dance Fever by Florence + the Machine 

The band’s fifth studio album will contain fourteen tracks. Four singles have been released being “King,” “Free,” “Heaven Is Here” and “My Love.” The album is to be released on May 13th. The album is thought to be filled with disco-inflected anthems. 

Level of excitement: 8/10

All these albums are definitely worth taking a look and/or to watch out for to find great songs for your summer playlist. Music is a great way of controlling and expressing emotions. Summer is a season where you wanna feel free, laid back and worry-free. These albums will definitely contain songs that can pinpoint those exact feelings.

Rachel Ray

Kent State '24

Majoring in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Photojournalism at Kent State University. Is all the way from Boulder, Colorado and has a passion for all things music and art.
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