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Naturally Essential Healing: How to Heal Your Body Through Essential Oils

You are born with your one and only body. You are put on this earth to discover, heal and explore. Along the way you are put in positions where your body needs help. Rather it be mentally, physically or spiritually, you are in charge of caring for your one and only body. What better way to take care of you then to do it naturally. Essential oils are created to help the body reach healing naturally. These oils are extracted from different plants and carry many healing properties. Some oils are made for helping with anxiety or depression. Other oils help skin issues or headaches. There are three essential oils I believe every person should have in order to best care for their body. 

The first oil I use in my day-to-day routine is lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is beneficial for more than just the pretty scent. Many of you probably already know but this oil can help release anxiety, depression and sleep apnea in your body. If lavender essential oil is inhaled through a diffuser it has been proven to soothe the nervous system. Inhalation of this oil therefore helps relieve anxiety, stress, depression and creates a calming sensation for the atmosphere.  It can also relieve headaches through massaging 1 or 2 drops of the oil into your temples. When the oil is applied topically (on your skin), it can help heal acne, cold sores, burns and cuts. It is able to heal in this way because this specific essential oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties therefore providing healing properties to the skin when diluted. Lavender essential oil is a healing oil and has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for the body. 

Another essential oil that I live by is lemon essential oil. This essential oil is extracted from the skin of a lemon and has a variety of properties that will help you in your day to day life. When smelled or inhaled, this oil reduces anxiety and depression as well as decreases levels of nausea. Lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties which help clean the air and can help you breath easier as well as cures a sore throat. It is a natural muscle relaxer that makes the throat relax if it is sore and therefore allows it to heal. When applied topically, it can help tighten and brighten skin. The antioxidant properties within the oil allows for tighter and brighter skin as well as preventing acne and reducing acne scars. This oil is a go to for any facial cleansing needs or to clean the air or body. 

The last essential oil that I see as an absolute necessity in my day to day routine is peppermint essential oil. This oil has the scent of peppermint that any one of you have probably smelled in chewing gum, candles or candy canes. However, peppermint essential oil is pure and has many properties that will benefit your body. First, the smell of peppermint essential oil can reduce nausea and motion sickness. Rubbing a couple drops on your abdomen will immediately decrease symptoms. The oil can also clear sinus and lung congestion. With its healing properties and strong scent, it gives way to clearing congestion the most natural way possible. If peppermint essential oil is diluted and applied topically, it can work very similarly to caffeine. If you are trying to cut back on caffeine but still need that extra boost, peppermint essential oil is for you! With its scent it creates a sense of awakeness and alertness within the person. All you need to do is rub 1-2 drops on the back of your neck and behind your ears throughout the day. 

As you have discovered, essential oils are a must. They provide an abundance of healing and helping properties to allow you to take care of your one and only cherished body. These essential oils not only heal your body but also your mind and soul. We are in charge of caring for our beautiful souls and what better way to do that then naturally! Listed below are two simple recipes for how to use lavender essential oils! Nature is the best healer. 

Recipes Using Lavender Essential Oil

Recipe #1:

Mix 10 drops of lavender essential oil with 2 tbsp of coconut oil and massage into scalp, let sit for 1 hour then rinse and wash hair as usual.

Recipe #2:

Menstrual cramps or muscle cramps can be alleviated from lavender essential oils. Mix 3-4 drops of essential oil into 3 tsp of unscented lotion and massage on achey area.

As someone who is passionate about essential oils I have had experience making different candles with them. Below is a citrus essential oil candle that I did not talk about in the above article but it also extremely helpful for health and energy.

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