My Top 3 Essential Oil Mixes for Stressed Out College Students

Are you someone who knows about essential oils, loves using diffusers and is constantly getting stressed out? If so, I have the perfect solution to solve all of your problems. I’m giving you three essential oil mixes you should be using in your diffusers ASAP! Trust me I use them on the daily, and I’m obsessed. You will be too!


  1. 1. Night Night

    This one is pretty obvious. This mix will help you sleep better at night. This mix includes frankincense, which boosts immunity and reduces negative thoughts; vetiver, which promotes restful sleep and soothes anxiety and nervousness; lavender, which creates a relaxing atmosphere and peaceful emotions and lastly raven and eucalyptus which are used to promote better immunity and detoxify your room. I know that this was a mouthful and maybe a bit overwhelming but trust me I sleep like a baby when I use this mix.

  2. 2. Calm and Comfort

    I use this mix when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, which for me has been more often than I thought LOL! I’m almost out that’s how much I use this one. It has a few of the same oils as the first one including frankincense and lavender for the same benefits. It also includes myrrh, which as antibacterial and antifungal properties so it’s perfect for a small, dusty dorm room. Lastly in the mix is palo santo, which helps with sluggishness and overall bad mojo.

  3. 3. Yummy Stuff (I didn’t name any of these my mom did.)

    Okay this one just smells really good (hence the name) and my mood instantly gets better. This mix also includes lavender (I know it’s very popular), but it smells good and relaxes you, I mean come on what’s better than that. There’s also lemon, to clean and purify the air in a cramped dorm room; rose, which is emotionally uplifting and helps fight viral infections and bergamot, which provides a calm and soothing aroma but also helps if you have strep throat or a cough, BONUS!

  4. 4. Bonus: Pumpkin Spice Mix 

    Now since it’s finally fall season and since you’ve made it this far in the article you get a bonus oil mix (lucky you!). To make this mix you will need five drops of cinnamon oil, one drop of clove and one drop of nutmeg. It will smell like someone was baking all day, which reminds me of home or my grandma’s house. Bottom line it really is just a classic fall smell and who doesn’t love that. 

You may think all this is crazy, like Jasmine there’s no way that all these essential oils can do that but let me tell you, I haven’t been sick since I got here and everyone around me has. You may also think, well Jasmine you just have a strong immune system and that’s where you’re wrong my friend, I am usually the first to get sick and I stay sick the longest. That’s why I am a firm believer that all of these essential oil mixes really do work and why I want to share them with fellow stressed out peers because I believe they will help all of you as much as they have helped me.

I hope you enjoy!