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My Reaction to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ in GIFs

 Getting tickets

Like a normal person, I bought tickets for my dad and me about two weeks before the premiere. I needed to get my hands on tickets to the first official showing. I did. :) 

 In class the day of the premiere 


I only had one class that day, and I could NOT focus! Sorry world history! 

 In line at the theater 


The line at my hometown theater was HUGE! The anticipation of waiting in line literally made me sweat like a pig. #icant 

 Finally finding a seat in the theater

The nervous sweating turned into nervous popcorn eating. My dad and I almost went through half a large popcorn before the movie even started. 

 When the movie first started

As soon as the movie started I looked at my dad and said, “I’m already crying.” 


Don’t scroll past if you don’t want to be spoiled! 



 Captain FREAKING America


Now I knew the beard was going to make an appearance but hot damn. The entire flipping theater erupted in cheers when he first showed up, and I mean #Same. Now I am going to include a gift just to remind everyone of the beauty that is Chris Evans…

You’re welcome. 

 Anything and everything Tom Holland says 

Tom is an icon, a legend and must be protected at all costs! 



He can leave and get the hell out of here. Bye bye bye biotch!

 Gamora’s past

Okay maybe Daddy Thanos is okay

Ten minutes later… 

I was rooting for you Thanos for like five minutes, and now I feel bamboozled.

Vision and Wanda 

I just love love. 

Literally, everything Mantis and Drax says

Thank god for the comedy for this movie. I would be dead already without it. 

Bruce and the Hulk 

Someone really needs some couple’s therapy. 

Bucky and Steve reuniting 

“They’re the two best friends that anyone could have!” 

Tony being stabbed

I thought that was the end. that is where I die. But honey, did I have a big storm coming!

The battle in Wakanda 


The snap and the dust 


I…I don’t even know what to say…

When they cut to the credits

Excuse me?! I’d like to talk to the manager! How dare they just cut the movie like that. 

The after credits scene

My wig…


Cut to this last week since the movie

I don’t think I can wait for Avengers: 4. My body is not ready. My mind is not ready. NO ONE IS READY. 

Jess Goodwin is a  senior at Kent State University, where she is the Senior Editor for the Her Campus Kent State chapter! She is a Journalism major who has enjoyed writing and telling stories her whole life. When she is not writing, Jess is dancing and choreographing. She has been dancing for over 15 years and choreographing for just about 3 years now! She has a passion for movies, books and entertainment, but she also has a love for activism and promoting love! Jess's socials are: Instagram: @jess.goodwin Twitter: @jessgoodwin13 
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