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I don't know about you, but Taylor Swift's two new albums are the only thing that got me through 2020! Taylor surprised fans on December 11th by dropping her 9th album entitled evermore, sister album to folklore released earlier this year. The album consists of 15 brand new songs along with two bonus tracks, and continues the same acoustic folk sound and aesthetic from folklore. I have been listening to this new album on repeat and have finally narrowed down my favorites, so here is my personal ranking of the album evermore!

gold rush

This song immediately got stuck in my head and has been on repeat all week. It has such a different sound from any of the other songs on the album and an upbeat, catchy chorus that I can't get enough of!

champagne problems 

I love the piano melody to this song and can NOT get the chorus of out my head! 


This song was written about Taylor Swift's grandmother who passed in 2003, celebrating her vibrant life. Having recently lost a family member, this song resonated with me deeply, and I related to Taylor's lyrics about the dead still being alive within us. 


This song is just so cute and gives me the same vibes as "betty" from folklore. The piano intro is upbeat and immediately hooked my attention, and I find myself humming "hey dorothea" several times a day!


I love the lyrics to this song and I think Taylor is such a talented lyricist. My favorite line to this song is when she says "there'll be happiness after you, but there was happiness because of you, both of these things can be true." As someone who is a very black and white thinker and currently experiencing a loss, this line gave me a good reminder that two things can be true at once. 


"willow" is the first song of the album and kicked off the surprise premiere of evermore with the new music video for it premiering at midnight December 11th. If you're like me you definitely stayed up late and listened to the whole thing as soon as it dropped, and this music video was the perfect bridge between folklore and evermore. The music video essentially continues with the same themes from "cardigan," featuring the famous cardigan sweater and piano. 

evermore ft. Bon Iver

I absolutely loved Taylor's first collaboration "exile" with Bon Iver from folklore and was so excited to see another track with him on this album! This song is great if you need a sad song to give you a bit of hope, especially during these cold winter months. Bon Iver's voice complements this album so well, and I personally am grateful for a reminder that pain is not evermore.

no body, no crime ft. HAIM

This song is by far the most country sounding song on the album, reminding me of the original Taylor Swift days. Like most of the songs off folklore and evermore, this song very much tells a story through the lyrics. I love Taylor collaborating with more artists on this album, and this song seems to one of the fan favorites. 

coney island ft. The National

This is another song that gets stuck in my head so easily, and I just love the chorus! "The National" is a great addition to this song, and I love that it is sung as a duet. 

long story short 

This song is much faster paced than many other songs on the album which I think is a refreshing change-up. One of the things I love about this album is the variety of different songs and sounds, including a little something for everyone!


This track has the very typical folklore era sound with soft guitar and a dreamy, folk sound to it. I love the light and airy vocals and the use of different instruments to paint a picture throughout the song. 

'tis the damn season

This song is perfect for the holiday season and reminds me of a bit of a different take on a sad Christmas song. It tells the story of always coming back to the same person when being back home for the holidays, and I'm sure most of us can relate when our hometown reminds us of that one high school ex. 

tolerate it 

This song is much slower and softer which tends to be more forgettable in my opinion, but there truly are no bad songs on this album! Taylor's falsetto sounds so beautiful in this sad song, and this is definitely a good one if you need a good cry. 

cowboy like me 

Another slower song and a bit sad, this song just wasn't one of my favorites compared to the others on the album. 


Taylor definitely experimented with rhythm and tempo in this song which is super interesting, but just wasn't for me, unfortunately. As I said, there are truly no bad songs on this album, but this is just my personal preference! 

I hope you guys have been loving this new album as much as I am! 

Dana Williams

Kent State '21

Dana is the current Editor in Chief of Her Campus Kent State. She is a Senior at Kent State University majoring is Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Sustainability. She is from Chicago, IL and a member of the Honors College at Kent State. She loves journaling, playing guitar, spending time with friends, and exploring local coffee shops. Dana hopes to pursue a career in sustainable fashion after graduation, working in product development or sourcing. 
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