Money You Don't Realize You'll be Spending in College

We all know that college is expensive with tuition and room and board. But, what we don’t realize is that there are so many other things that we need even after paying for the necessities.

Toiletries: Parents can only give you so much of these before you end up running out. Even if you don’t want to, you have to go out and buy that new bottle of shampoo or another tube of toothpaste.

Textbooks: Unfortunately, most classes do require textbooks and they are not as cheap (or free) as they were in high school. All of these books together can add up to a few hundred dollars that you definitely would rather spend shopping. But, renting textbooks helps keep the cost down.

Food: You may already have a meal plan or have food included with wherever you’re living, but everyone likes to eat out. Trips to Starbucks or Chipotle become social events to get to know people better or to just hang out.

Club Fees: Whether you become a part of Greek life, a sports team or a club related to your major, you will most likely have to pay dues. But, these are worth the money because they let you meet lots of people and enjoy your free time.