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Modern Versus Traditional Beauty Standards

Beauty standards are constantly changing and each year there is a new “look” that is accepted by society. From body shapes to clothing and makeup, trends are always transforming as well as reoccurring.

There are so many aspects of beauty that are known to be classic and timeless. If someone is blonde, blue eyed and thin they are traditionally seen as pretty. People have viewed traits like those as beautiful for many years and women seem to aspire to gain those attributes. For many years being super thin and modelesque was the only way women wanted to look. Long, blonde locks similar to Barbie were desirable to women everywhere. Women spent large amounts of time straightening their hair because that was a hairstyle seen as pretty.

Looking at modern pop culture, some of the most famous people in the world have these traits and many people still desire to be like them. I think all of us, at some point, have wanted to look like Britney Spears, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Candice Swanepol or Gigi Hadid. Obviously there are many opinions as to what beautiful is, but these women portray some of the more traditionally beautiful standards that society has come to deem acceptable.

However, in more recent years we have been seeing big changes in what “beautiful” means. I think one of the biggest changes in beauty standards nowadays is body shapes. People do not have the desire to be stick thin anymore. Celebrities like the Kardashians/Jenners have made having a curvy figure cool. It has only been in recent years that women would rather have larger butts and busts. That is what’s considered beautiful now! Along with the changing body shape, it has become more desirable to have full lips. In fact, people thought Kylie Jenner’s lips were so beautiful that she was able to start a multi-million dollar make-up empire. Both fuller hips and larger lips are just two of the many modern beauty standards. 

Keeping up with the changing beauty standards can seem like a hard task for many people. After all everyone has his or her own perception of beauty. It feels like the media define the way everyone should look, but at the end of the day being your own person is key. The best part is that these standards are always changing! No one knows what will be seen as beautiful in years to come and what we ourselves will want to look like!

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