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Midterms: as Told by Hocus Pocus

By this point in the semester, you’re expecting some sort of crippling exam or mind-numbing project to come your way. Even still, when your professor tells you that the midterm is in a week, you’re like: 

You turn to look at other people in the class to gauge their reactions. They’re all like: 

It's week nine already?

You know you can’t prepare for this alone. You’ve barely taken notes all semester. Quickly, you scrounge together a study group. A few hours later, you roll up to the library like:

This place is packed. People actually go here? 

Halfway through the all-nighter, tensions start running high. You try telling everyone to relax.

Despite your warm tone, there’s always that one “hangry” person who’s all:

Meanwhile, your other study buddy is tripping on Pumpkin Spice Lattes and 5-Hour Energy like:

Now you’re questioning why you chose to study in a group in the first place.

You get to class on the day of the midterm and your professor almost seems excited about the situation. They hand out Scantron sheets like this:

Unpreparedness hits you like a ton of bricks. You don’t recognize a single question on the exam.

Panicking, you glance at your neighbor’s Scantron – they practically have the whole thing filled in!

I'm sorry...what? How?

It didn’t go so well, but you don’t want to look stupid when your friends ask you how hard it was. You lie and tell them:

After taking a few hours to calm down, you accept that you probably didn't fail. But, the next day, your professor starts ranting about how low the class average is. They’re all:

You’re sitting in the back of the lecture hall like:

I wonder whose fault that is. Mine. Definitely mine. I never come to class. 

The moment of truth: the grades are up on Blackboard after class. You’re not sure if you’re prepared to face reality.

It’s higher than the class average! 

You’re like “why was I even worried?”

Now that midterms are over, you can take a little bit of time to celebrate yourself.

…that is, until finals. 


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