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Michelle Obama Thinks You Should Delete Tinder

Former first lady, current podcast host and now – love expert? What can't Michelle do? On the latest episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, she sat down with Conan O'Brien for a conversation about their respective marriages and to dish out some dating advice to those of us who aren't quite there yet. Below are my three biggest takeaways.

Delete Tinder

The detail that has everyone talking is, of course, her thoughts on Tinder. So just in case you needed any further convincing that Tinder is not the place to find a relationship, listen to Michelle. “You can't Tinder your way into a long-term relationship,” she said. Instead, Michelle suggests that young people meet and date each other organically, saying “there’s no magic way to make that happen.”

Get Yourself Ready

Another point she made: don't rush. After discussing O’Brien and Barack’s hesitancy on marriage (both men were in their 30’s before deciding to tie the knot), Michelle said “I think a man’s inclination to wait and to kind of go out there and search and get himself ready, I think is a good instinct that more young women should think about,” although she admits she “always knew” she wanted to get married.

Find Your Lebron

Perhaps the most interesting thought she shared was this – the idea that finding the right person should be viewed like assembling an all-star basketball team. Just as you’d want to build a team with all the right strengths, you’ll want to find a person with all the right strengths. In the end, “what you’re supposed to say is ‘I have married LeBron, My version of Lebron.’ ”

Overall, some pretty sound advice. Afterall, don’t we all want a love like the Obamas?

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