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Michael Lopick ’16



Year: Sophomore


Major: Public Relations


Hometown: The one and only Kent, Ohio


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, the fish-goat thing!


Campus Involvement: Marketing assistant for KSU’s Department of Recreational Services, Diversity Beat Reporter for The Daily Kent Stater, Vice President of Membership for the Public Relations Student Society of America Kent Chapter


Hobbies: I’m in love with baking – anything from tarts to scones! I’m basically the male version of Betty Crocker.


Three words to describe yourself: Haute, happy and hyper


Relationship Status: Single and ready to…watch Netflix…


Best pick-up line: If I had some Amortentia right now it would smell like your cologne (capped off by a sly wink, of course!)


Celebrity Crush: Dylan O’Brien


Spirit Animal: Ostrich


One fashion trend you hate: When did it become appropriate to wear clothes with sheer panels on a regular basis? On a little black dress, it’s great, but on a blouse you wear to class? C’mon now!


Favorite Kent memory: Finally signing the lease for a house with my five best friends! Even though the memories haven’t happened there yet, I’m sure they’ll be some of the best.


Plans after graduation: Ideally, I’ll get a position in a corporation’s social responsibility or employee relations department, but traveling Europe is always an option if all else fails!

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Lily Martis

Kent State

Magazine journalism major, fashion media minor. Lover of fashion, books and a good joke.
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