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Max Wolford: A Local Artist

Meet Max Wolford. Max is a multi-talented sophomore here at Kent State. He works to produce his own music projects and plays various instruments including the guitar, bass and drums. Just recently, Max released his latest project entitled “I’m Short as F**k” that features thirteen of his own songs. Her Campus sat down and asked him all about his music, inporations, goals and latest project on Soundcloud. Check out what Max had to say below! 

Age – 20

Major/Minor – Marketing 

Class standing– Sophomore 

Relationship Status – Single 

Her Campus: What inspired you to pursue music?

Max Wolford: Right when I was born I was basically tossed in a family band. My father, grandfather, and uncle all played guitar, bass, and drums. It wasn’t long until I had learned to play all three as well. I was about ten when I decided to pursue music. I was extremely rock oriented so that is the music I sought to pursue until I attended high school. In high school I explored hip hop and soul. It’s funny, I wasn’t even intrigued by the relevant hip hop/ soul at the time, so on my school computers I would start to listen to all hip hop/ soul that was popular in the 60’s. Then I went to the 70’s, and so on. My eyes and ears were opened up to that world, that is when I knew that I wanted to heavily pursue my music and what type of music I wanted to pursue.

HC: When did you first begin to create your own music?

MW: When I was ten or so, my brother, cousins and I found my father’s old recorder and began to record our own rock music, some of which is still on youtube to this day. As I grew, I recorded more and more. Then In highschool I fell in love with Hip Hop and started creating the music I make now and haven’t stopped.

HC: What genre would you classify your music as?

MW: I like to leave that up to my listeners most of the time, but If I had to choose I would say my music has a psychedelic rap/soul vibe to it.

HC: Tell us a little about your latest project, “I’m Short as F**k”

MW: I made every song in my dorm room with a decent microphone and terrible editing software throughout my  freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year. I had a ton of songs that I hadn’t put out, so I figured I would test the waters and drop them all. Those songs were basically my way of introducing who I am as an artist and a person to the world that has no clue who I am.

HC: What is the story behind the name of the project?

MW: I have always hated my height. I wished I was taller and what not. It was a big insecurity of mine, as were the songs that I made. I was so nervous to put out my music in fear of being ridiculed. But I came to a point and just accepted that whether or not everyone likes the music, I loved making it and wanted to show everyone. The name is basically saying I’m putting my flaws out there and I accept them, but still have a lot of good to my name.

HC: Are there any specific artists or people that influenced this project?

MW: Definitely. Some of my biggest influences were Frank Ocean, P.M Dawn, ASAP Mob, Kendrick and Andre 3000. These artists have great lyrical content and can still make songs that implement a mood or vibe to the listener.

HC: What all went into the production of your latest proejct? Did anyone help you produce it?

MW: I have never been one to make beats, so I resort to Youtube to find that aspect of my music, which has also helped me discover some amazing talent. Other than that I record my own vocals, mix and master them myself.

HC: What are some challenges you faced while trying to produce music on your own?

MW: I had no idea how to edit or manipulate hip hop music my entire life so I had to teach myself. That is so challenging. At first when I made music, and this project, I used a free software to record and what not. This lead to my music not having that professional sound to it, but I was able to learn that software pretty easily. Now as I learn to mix and master my songs better, I purchased a new software so as I learn more and more everyday, my music will sound better and more professional.

HC: Are you currently writing music?

MW: I am working on a new project right now. I don’t have a name for it yet, but I have the tone set and am about 6 or 7 songs into it. It will come out this spring semester of 2017. I am stoked to put it out, it is like my new and improved self.

HC: What’s the next step for your music? What is something you’d like to see your music do in 2017? Any specific goals?

MW: The next step is expanding my audience and working with more artists. I will always be creating new music. I have already met some great artists in Kent State and am currently working on some collaborations with them. I met my buddy SAV and his group Authentic Language this year and they are all so talented we knew we had to create something together. My goals are to work with more talented artist and to help more and more people hear the music we create.

HC: Where can people listen to and enjoy the music you release?

MW: I upload all of the music i make to my Soundcloud, and hopefully soon I will post my music on more platforms. But for now Soundcloud is my home. 

HC: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MW: I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed and put out there and actually given a chance. It goes a long way. I also want to thank everyone reading this that gives my music a chance. I will not disappoint and stay on the lookout for new music that is on its way!

“I’m Short as F**k” is available on Souncloud here to listen.

Follow Max on social media to listen and keep updated to all of his latest projects:

Soundcloud: MaxwellMax

Twitter: @MaxwellRileyW

Instagram: @MaxwellRileyW

Senior at Kent State | Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep
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