Managing Long Distance on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up for some of us who are in relationships, it’s still going to be rough. That dreadful long-distance relationship is the one thing that may just be worse than being single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve done it for four years now, so I’m going to give you some ideas on making you and your significant other feel a little less lonely on Valentine’s Day. 

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I absolutely love Boomf. It’s a company that lets you personalize cards, chocolates, marshmallows, and pop-up cards with your words and pictures (one of my favorites is the cards with mechanical butterflies that fly out). They will even send it to your loved one for you. It is such a great and original way to surprise them.

Friends Excited

Write Letters 

Speaking of surprises, send them a letter! I mean, who doesn’t love getting mail? Just sit down and write a letter to your sweet Valentine to show them your thinking about them. There is something special about receiving something handwritten that makes almost everyone feel a little warm and fuzzy not the inside. At the end of the letter, if you want to do what I do, put on your favorite lipstick and stick a kiss on the letter. I promise you, they’ll keep it. 


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Amazon might be your Valentine’s Day lifesaver. Sending something to your Valentine is so easy, especially with Amazon Prime. Last year, I sent my boyfriend a package to his school that was wrapped up with a cute teddy bear hugging a box of candy. The best part is, he had no idea and rarely gets packages, so when he got the email that he had something waiting for him, he was super excited. 

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Airtime App

Isn’t it fun cuddling up to your boo and watching videos together? Too bad you’ve got hundreds of miles between you. However, watching and reacting to the same video while watching it at the same time makes the distance feel a bit less painful. Airtime allows you and your partner to watch YouTube videos at the same time while still seeing the other person on video. Now you can watch your Valentine’s reaction to that funny cat video you’ve been wanting to watch. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you and everyone you love! I hope these little tips will help make your Valentine feel a little closer to you this year.