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Make This Spring Break Productive!

It’s reached that point in the semester where we are all pretty much done. The past few weeks have been completely dragging by and there’s only one thing to look forward to….SPRING BREAK!

So Kent State students, rejoice because there are only a few classes standing between you and break! Some of us may be heading to the beach or maybe to check out a new city. Some of us may just be heading home for some quality time with friends. For those of us heading home, sleeping in and catching up on Netflix seems awfully tempting. But why not make this extra time benefit you in the future? Read on to find out how you can make this spring break productive!

Get a jumpstart on any work or projects you have due around the time you get back.

Of course no one really wants to do schoolwork during a break, but just think about how less stressed you will be when those due dates roll around. If you don’t have anything coming up, look through your syllabi and plan out the rest of the semester academically.

Step up you career game

If you haven’t already, create a LinkedIn profile! It doesn’t take much. Find someone with a decent camera that can create a good headshot, fill in some of the fields and start connecting with people! Look into internships or jobs you may be interested in for the summer. Update your resume or check out career advice articles. Time to get professional.

Catch up with family that you usually don’t see or talk to

This is incredibly important, especially with grandparents. Being away at school we tend to put these relationships on the back burner. Use this extra time to take your grandma out for breakfast. Ask her about her childhood. Take your great uncle out for ice cream; ask him if he has any funny stories from before you were born. When you get older, you’ll regret not doing these things.

Start working on the summer beach body

So you may not be heading anywhere for spring break, but summer is a whole 3 months where anything could happen! Why not start a workout regimen that will have you looking awesome in your new bikini come June! Try starting a running routine or a fitness DVD that you can continue once school starts again.

Volunteer in your hometown

There is always a need for community service regardless of where you live. Research some local opportunities that you can get involved with during the break. Not only will you be helping others, but also you’ll feel good about using your extra time towards a good cause.  

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