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#LoveYourLocalGirlGangs: I’m That KSU Girl

Are you a student at Kent State University who is a strong feminist looking for a kick-butt women’s organization to join during your time at college? Are you unsure of which one to join? Well, look no further. This week Her Campus Kent State is doing a campaign called #LoveYourLocalGirlGangs where we will be featuring five fabulous organizations here at Kent State. The intent is to empower women while having fun and doing something they love and are passionate about! Check out the interview below for all the details of these organizations below!

I’m That KSU Girl 

Her Campus: What is the purpose/goal of your organization? 

I’m That KSU Girl: To create a safe place that allows for girls to love, express and be who they are while creating a movement that is out to change girl culture and the world.  

HC: How does your organization empower women? 

KSU Girl: Our organization works to help each girl find the best version of themselves. That looks different for everyone and each person’s journey is going to be different, but we work to empower and support one another along the way.

HC: Who is in charge of your organization? 

KSU Girl: Marisa Stephens, President and founder with a managerial marketing major and public relations minor. She plans meetings and oversees members while addressing any questions or concerns, serving as a support for all and any members.

HC: Marisa, why did you create this organization? 

KSU Girl: I actually brought the local chapter of this organization to Kent State my freshman year. I’m That KSU Girl is part of the international organization called I Am That Girl.  I Am That Girl works to set up local chapters around the country and world of all ages and walks of life to empower every girl to be who they are.  

HC: Tell us about your upcoming events for this year! 

KSU Girl: We are planning to attend a lot of campus events together, and are putting on bonding and social activities to branch out and get to know one another outside of meetings!

HC: How does someone become a member? 

KSU Girl: Becoming a member is so easy!  All you have to do is show up to our meetings which are every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Bowman Hall room 220.  The experience of being a member is all about what you make it. You get out what you put in.

HC: How can students stay updated on everything KSU Girl this semester? 

KSU Girl: They can e-mail Marisa  at [email protected] to join the e-mail reminder list and follow us on social media!

Twitter: @imthatksugirl

Instagram: @imthatksugirl

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