A Love Letter to the Five Men of "Queer Eye"

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s original show Queer Eye then consider this your recommendation. I have been watching the show since this summer and I've been slowly savoring every episode, because the idea of being done with the show is too heartbreaking to fathom.

Here I am, a 20-something college girl, ready to share with you all the ways the five beautiful men of Queer Eye have changed my life.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, let me explain. Queer Eye is a Netflix show about five gay men who all cover a certain area of expertise. Every episode, they head to the home of one lucky guy who then receives a complete makeover! The best part? These aren’t makeovers for the sake of looks. The cast of Queer Eye uses their knowledge to help men look and feel their best, take back their life and build up their self-esteem!

Let’s get to it.

If you grew up watching What Not to Wear then this show is WAY different. Most makeover shows thrive on negativity. It’s more often seen that the host shows up and pretty much bashes someone for their clothing and lifestyle choices.

That’s not the case with Queer Eye.

These five men pop up in Georgia’s cutest small towns and envelope men in love, positivity and inspiration for a whole week! The main idea behind the show is that straight men should be allowed to care for themselves without being ridiculed!


Hello, honey! Not only is Antoni the cutest thing on screen, but he can serve up some mouth-watering meals with ease! The best part? It’s not all about health! Originally, I assumed his job would be to show contestants how to cook healthy, clean-eating, meals. Not true. Antoni works with the man of the week to help him find his inner chef! Some episodes the cooking lessons are about embracing their culture or recipes that have been in their family for years. Other times, Antoni teaches someone how to cook an easy meal that can entertain friends, family and of course, romantic interests.

What lessons can we learn from Antoni? How to serve those closest to us! Antoni really embraces the idea that cooking is a way to take care of someone else and demonstrate how much you care about them. Also, he really believes in the idea that food is an art, and we deserve to give our bodies the best, yummiest stuff out there!


Can you say “hunk"? While Karamo’s area of expertise is defined as “culture,” he does so much more than that. Every week, Karamo finds some super cool activity to do with the man-of-the-week to help him build his confidence or break out of his shell. Whether it be an obstacle course, ballroom dancing, or bourbon tasting, Karamo helps the contestants to truly get their groove back. In the chilling episode “Dega Don’t,” we see the Fab Five get ready to makeover a police officer. Karamo and show contestant Cory share an intimate discussion about what it means to be a police officer or a black man in today’s political climate. It’s a truly defining moment for the show, and Karamo’s ability to help Cory open up and talk about a difficult subject is truly inspirational.

What lessons can we learn from Karamo? How to really own our lives! Karamo teaches fans how to step out of their comfort zones in order to achieve their dreams! He also helps us realize the importance of self-reflection and bettering ourselves. Karamo is truly each and every fan’s hype man!


Oh Tan, what can we say about our favorite fashionista? He’s as sexy as he is fierce, and he knows how to take a contestant from a boy to a man with one trip to Banana Republic. The best part about the whole process? He works hard to make sure each contestant has a new look, but that they are also still expressing themselves! Tan makes sure that every man still looks like himself, just maybe a more upgraded version!


What lessons can we learn from Tan? Why, the french tuck of course! Oh, but there is more. Tan teaches us how to look our best while still remaining authentic to ourselves. Tan also teaches us the art of fashion, and that it isn’t a bad thing to dress to impress!


How does Bobby flip a full house in one week? We may never know! (I heard he has a whole team behind him). But, Bobby knows how to take any space and make it a 10/10. I love seeing a house at the beginning and knowing that Bobby will have it looking completely different by the end of the week. Bobby, similar to Antoni’s practice, works to make sure a home reflects the family values and culture that are most important to the guest on the show. He’ll be sure to incorporate family photos or extra space for couple’s with kids!

What lessons can we learn from Bobby? How to channel our energy into everything we do! Bobby knows how to make sure someone’s personality come through in a room. We as viewers can take this and see the importance of walking into a room and owning it!

Jonathan Van Ness:

QUEEN! While JVN is best known for his sassy remarks and funny adjectives, he is also a master in the beauty department! Jonathan can take one look at a man and know exactly how to style him so that his natural beauty shines through! Along with his hair and grooming techniques, he can perfect your skin care routine! Jonathan knows how to spread the love to both his cast mates and the show contestants. Whenever I am making a beauty decision, I think to myself, “What would Jonathan say?”

What lessons can we learn from Jonathan? To sum it up, i’ll use one of my favorite JVN quotes: “It’s not vanity it’s self care, and there’s a difference.” Jonathan shows up every episode ready to teach men that putting some time into their grooming routine is nothing to be ashamed of!

If you haven’t treated yourself to an episode of Queer Eye yet, what are you waiting for? Pull up an episode and treat yourself to a night of self-love.