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Lessons From My Mom About Being a Boss Woman

My mom is the definition of a boss woman. I know everyone may have their own perspectives on what this means. However, I think we can all agree that a boss woman is a woman who leads, works and acts in ways that inspire and empower themselves and others. This is exactly what my mom does, and I think she deserves some spotlight! Watching her be a boss woman has taught me many lessons, and I’m going to share a few.

Own Your Successes and Your Failures

A lesson many people, unfortunately, miss out on is learning how to admit where you messed up while also learning how to celebrate your achievements. Owning up to your mistakes will show your boss, coworker, friend, etc. that you are responsible and mature and that you can learn from your mistakes. It may also encourage the other person to work on doing that too. From there, I think you and anyone else involved will find resolving conflict much easier. But don’t let your mistakes hold you down and keep you from doing your best. Whether you have a really big sale, get promoted or any other big achievement at work or school, own that too. You worked hard, and it’s okay to let people celebrate with you! 

Don’t Be Intimidated

When my mom first started out in her field when she graduated from college, she was one of the only women in the workplace. She was often surrounded by male coworkers, bosses and clients. Of course, for a girl fresh out of college, this was probably very intimidating. But over 20 years later, my mom is still in this field, and she’s thriving. It just goes to show you that being the only woman at work does not define or deny your success, no matter how many people may treat it that way. Your efforts and knowledge have brought you to the position you’re in, and they will continue to elevate you if you stay confident in them.

Be Independent, but Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

My mom has always been independent, and she’s proud of having been able to provide for herself much of her life. Her independence has moved her forward for years without having to rely too much on others and get what she wants through her own efforts. I think it’s a good strategy. It keeps you from getting too attached to things that may hold you back and encourages you to work harder. One thing, though, is that if you’re too independent, you may have a hard time asking others for help. Being a self-dependent boss woman doesn’t have to mean you need to endure hardships on your own; there are still people who care for you and would love to help you! Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or assistance when you could really use it. 

Form Your Own Opinions

With so much constantly being thrown in our faces by the media, it can be very hard to know what to believe. Popular news is often biased and sensationalized, so it’s important to sort out the information you see and form your own opinions about what’s going on. Forming your own opinions goes beyond the news, though. Don’t let anyone influence your thoughts about a person or situation before you experience it yourself. You’ll save a lot more stress that way, and experience is often the best teacher. Plus, people will respect you as a boss woman forming her own thoughts!

My mom has taught me so much about being a boss, and I’m so grateful for her lessons. I hope the bits of wisdom I shared helps all of you boss babes reading this. Make sure to hug any positive mother, sister, or aunt-figures in your life, especially now during National Women’s History Month!

Bella is a Communication Studies major and Advertising minor at Kent State University. She loves acting in front of the camera, journaling about anything and everything, and spending time with her family and friends (especially if ice cream is involved). She hopes to run her own blog one day soon and can be found in your nearest cafe, listening to John Mayer... the usual.
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