Less is More when I Rise and Shine: A Low Maintenance Gal Test Drives Almay's Long-Lasting Brow Color

Brow gel was a game-changer for me! I especially love Glossier’s Boy Brow when I am splurging and Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Brow Mascara when I am saving! Anywho, because I am always looking to simplify my morning routine, I started researching different brow products and services because my ideal morning would involve only cleansing, swiping on witch hazel, patting in serum, moisturizing and a tap, tap, tap of bronzer while I sip my morning coffee.

Well, if we are being honest, my ideal morning would involve me sleeping in, walking out of my beach villa to take a swim, a long shower, an omelet for breakfast and only a hint of tinted lip balm because clearly, I wouldn’t need bronzer after catching some rays in the Cali sun . . . , and I would have eyelash extensions and micro bladed brows to make life simple. However, my college student budget doesn’t foot the bill for such extravagances (yet). So, brow tinting seemed like the next best thing to me! 

I decided I wanted to start with a product that lasts a few days versus a few weeks. It’s better to dip my toe in the water before I completely dive in. I have learned that the hard way when it comes to testing out beauty products. Sometimes going all in pays off, other times it ends in a fiasco with a chemical haircut (bleach at home can be scary!) But back to brows, my goal is to have luscious brows like Cara Delevigne or Brooke Shields. Good brows frame a face better meaning fewer steps for me in the AM. However, I feared looking more like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. 

Let’s dive in! Almay’s Long-Lasting Brow Color states it will last around two days. The product is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. The instructions are simple. It comes in three shades: Auburn, Brown and Dark Blonde. I picked up Brown because I wanted more oomph! 

Fresh-faced and ready to test out the product!!

  1. Apply a thick coat to brows.
  2. Wipe away the excess product if any is outside of the area you wish to tint. Note: I use a slightly damp q-tip. 
  3. Remove the dried product starting by your nose and moving outward. Peel gently or use a spoolie to remove the gel 

Step 1: To try and maximize my results, I trimmed my brows and made sure they were nice and clean (and dry!) before applying the gel. The gel is a sticky, gluey consistency. I coated my brows making sure to saturate all the hairs. Oh my! Now I have that Bert and Ernie look going on . . . I can’t work it! At least this step is temporary and amusing to my sisters. I look really surprised or enraged. 

Step 2: If you are messy like me, clean up around your brows so your skin doesn’t stain. The goal is to tint only the desired area! 

Step 3: Leave on for 30 minutes! I watched some "Arrested Development" while I patiently awaited the results. Do whatever you please! Just set a timer! 

Step 4: REMOVAL! Okay, so I totally thought all my tiny little brow hairs were being ripped out! Luckily, I was mistaken. The hardened gel really takes the shape of your brows and the texture. It’s like a mold of your brows. This step was oddly satisfying after I realized I wasn’t waxing off my brows! That was a scary five seconds. I felt like I was molting like a snake. 

My conclusions

The initial result was very natural which I liked; however, I decided to put more gel on for another 15 minutes to achieve bolder brows. This did the trick! So, depending on what you like, you can either do the recommended 30 or add on more time for more drama. 

The color did wash out faster than I expected, but it still gave a nice tint to my brows for a couple days. I felt the need to use a brow gel or reapply the Almay gel again by day three. 

Some reviews said the product is greenish. I luckily didn’t experience that issue; however, the gel looks a murky brown mossy green. It just didn’t appear that way on me. Thank goodness! Luckily! It washes out fast if you do experience funky coloration. 

Post-brow tint: 

Overall: This product is fun to try in itself, but I don’t think I would pick it up again. Love Almay products, but all the touch-ups it would require made me wary. I would rather pick up a more permanent tint that you apply every few weeks that only takes a minute to develop versus 30. Now I know! This was a neat product to give me a feel for brow tinting. It’s like the tricycle before I ride a bike. 

Last note: I think this product is better suited for cooler weather. Sweating, swimming and the summer heat would make this fade faster I believe. Crisp fall or cool winter days take that element out. 

Have any brow products your head over heels about? Leave them below in the comments, please :)